Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Shooting IMAX sequences

This is one of the most exciting things that I have heard in some time. My favorite movie of 2007 was Transformers, primarily because I grew up watching Transformers. That and Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime, returned to reprise his role.

The movie was fun and, every time the Transformers appeared, I was blown away. There just wasn’t enough time with the Transformers. They were only on screen for about 25% of the film, if that.

For movie 2, I created a want list for the sequel that I’ll be posting again after seeing the sequel, along with my analysis of how I feel they did, and how much they may have met my expectations or not.

Now, thanks to the inspiration of The Dark Knight, Michael Bay is joining the crowd of those that are filming sequences with IMAX cameras. These are films that deserve to be seen on IMAX, and Michael Bay is the right man for the job.

Read the full press release after the break.

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George Clooney is not The Lone Ranger

Well, a few days ago I was talking about The Lone Ranger, and thinking they needed to cast someone in the title role that could and would steal scenes from Johnny Depp, who is in the role of Tonto.  There were rumors about who would take that role, and I believe they have found someone else that was both unlikely for the role, and that can upstage Depp in the role.

George Clooney (Ocean’s Trilogy) has been cast in the leading role.  He’ll be the man shouting “Hi-yo Silver, Away!” in Jerry Bruckheimer’s The Lone Ranger which is due in theatres in 2010.

Update: Armie Hammer is actually playing the Lone Ranger!

Super-Poke For the Win!

Epic Win! This is the result of months of poke wars on Facebook.

New Music: The Backstrokes

Melissa Nicklowitz (Vocals) Rob Antecki (Piano & Keyboards) Justin Dore (Guitar) Kyle Tomczyk (Drums)

The Backstrokes: Melissa Nicklowitz (Vocals), Rob Antecki (Piano & Keyboards), Â Justin Dore (Guitar), Kyle Tomczyk (Drums)

A friend of mine named Rob Antecki is in a band called The Backstrokes. He asked that we all share this if we wanted to. I figured I would.

Rob writes:

To the friends and fans of The Backstrokes:

We are happy to announce the release of our debut E.P., “Things to Come.” We have included five songs on this release: “Reflections,” “Haunted Landscape,” “Broken Bicycles,” “To Alina,” and “The Secret.”

For those of you who have been following us, you know that this recording represents a very large investment of time, work, finances, and emotional involvement. With this in mind, we would like to ask you for a favor.

Right now, we are at the ground level of our work together. Everything we have done, we have done on our own and with the generous help of family, friends, and acquaintances who believe in our music. We do not have the luxury of major label (or ANY label) support. This means we are fully responsible for recording and promoting our material.

If you like our music, support our material, ideas (detailed below), and plans for the future, I ask you to please spread the word about us. The best advertising you can give us is to tell your friends, for them to tell their friends, and so on. This favor will only take seconds of your time but would mean the world to us. Almost as important, we encourage you to purchase a copy of our E.P., for which we have provided a convenient and secure link. These will also be available at our concerts. We think $5.00 is a reasonable price for your own convenient, CD quality copy with liner notes. Therefore, please pass our music around to friends and spread the word, but also encourage them to purchase the E.P. if they like it and listen to it. We have many plans for the future, which include a debut album, releasing our work on vinyl, concerts, music videos, and short films. All of us are in school and work, so our time and financial resources are very limited. Anyone seriously involved in music understands how expensive studio time, equipment, CD pressing, and promotions are. Any support you can give us is very much appreciated.

With this said, we would now like to introduce some general principles which guide us in our work.
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Johnny Depp: Pirates 4, Lone Ranger and Alice in Wonderland

I’m not a big Johnny Depp fan. Hardly at all, actually. But that isn’t to say that I don’t like movies that he’s been a part of. For instance, I haven’t really watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in years, but I have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a few times. The simple fact that the Roald Dahl Estate enjoyed the adaptation enough to grant them license to use the name says a lot, as the name was revoked from the musical film because it wasn’t what they wanted in an adaptation of the book.

I have also seen him, much to my chagrin, in Secret Window, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Benny & Joon. Pitty that those movies weren’t worth watching. I’m glad I saw them all for free.

The only other movie that I’ve seen him do a decent job in, is Finding Neverland. But that actually had a compelling story, unlike the last three I mentioned.

That being said, I’ve enjoyed the character of Jack Sparrow. I didn’t like, however, the chain-reaction of millions of female fans suddenly claiming that Jack Sparrow was God’s gift to women. To me, that takes away some of what made Jack Sparrow a real man, making him more of a girl (see Girl Vs Awesome Heroes, though I disagree with him about The Karate Kid – quite possibly the greatest movie ever made). However, Jack Sparrow was always able to manipulate his way out of situations in sometimes very daring ways, making him something more of a man.

Now, Johnny Depp has signed on for Pirates of the Caribbean 4. He can’t get enough of playing that character. I’m interested to see where this is going. I hope that Geoffrey Rush is back as Barbosa, too. But if Orlando Bloom is in it, and isn’t playing an elf, but instead someone that isn’t supposed to appear wooden and regal, they’re going to need to do a lot to keep me watching. Let the story move past the characters of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Their story is now complete, while Sparrow has more to go. I’m glad that Disney is willing to make a fourth film. We can’t let the series end with that third one. However entertaining it was, having a nearly impossible to understand witch-doctor (who should have been subtitled) become a giant in the middle of the film was not very fun. The rest of the film was epic fun, but that was overkill.

He’s also signed to play a role in Jerry Bruckheimer‘s adaptation of The Lone Ranger. The role of the Lone Ranger’s sidekick, Tonto. Good thing that Depp is part Cherokee. Until I learned that, I thought they should have actually cast a true Native American in the role. It seems they have. Sort of. Either way, however, when the cast the Lone Ranger, it had better be someone great that can steal the scenes from Johnny Depp. We don’t want to see the marquee say “Johnny Depp is TONTO in The Lone Ranger.” Being the side-kick, the actor in the leading role should get the glory and the top-line.

And coming in at no big surprise to anyone, Tim Burton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is going to have Johnny Depp in the role of The Mad Hatter. Brilliant casting. If there’s anyone that can pull of a watchable Alice, it’s Burton. Let’s see if he does it.

I just wish girls everywhere would get over their tendencies to scream every time Johnny Depp’s name is mentioned. He’s a married man, get over it.

-via Cinematical