Ghostbusters Blu-ray Cover Art and Special Features

Ghostbusters Blu-ray Cover Art

Ghostbusters Blu-ray Cover Art

Personally, I never really liked the green slime art of the Ghostbusters DVDs that were released a few years ago. I love the original box art with the logo on black, as well as the sequel art with the Ghostbusters in front of the logo and the red stripe around the outside. The original DVD cover art wasn’t all that bad either, though a little too busy. I think that this blue slime is a lot nicer looking than the green slime was. For one thing, the green slime seemed to overtake the logo, and drew attention to itself far too much. The blue color of this cover focuses your eyes on the logo, as the red seems to pop out much nicer, and it’s a lot kinder to your eyes.

The Press Release follows:

America’s favorite paranormal psychologists are back to save the world, this time with unsurpassed picture and audio quality and advanced new bonus features in the Ghostbusters Blu-ray Disc, releasing worldwide the week of June 16, 2009.

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