E3 2009: Nintendo News and a bit more (Part 2)

Yesterday I wrote a bit about how I was disappointed with the lack of an announcement for three properties. I had completely forgotten about Pikmin 3, but was reminded about it as Shigeru Miyamoto expressed his sadness that the game was not available to be revealed at this E3. Another game that I mentioned was Zelda.  Miyamoto came through there as well, saying that his team is working very hard on the new Zelda game, and he even brought a painting that represented the game, to show the press there. That’s one of the three. As for Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong? There’s no real mention of Donkey Kong outside of the next Mario vs. Donkey Kong for DS. Kid Icarus, however, has been mentioned in a few articles as people are expecting it will happen one of these days.

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