Zack Snyder to direct Justice League right after Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman

Justice LeagueThe long awaited Justice League film is happening, and it’s happening sooner than most thought it would. Zack Snyder masterfully directed Man of Steel, which was my favorite Superman movie so-far. His upcoming sequel, currently under the working title Batman vs. Superman, is ramping up production, and has already been filming in various locations. Costume tests have been done, showing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in costume together.

And now, it’s been announced that Zack Snyder will also be directing Justice League.

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Man of Steel 2 to feature Batman and Wonder Woman in Costume

Man of Steel 2: Batman vs. Superman, and Wonder WomanFor the first time in the history of these characters, we’ll be seeing Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman together on the big screen. And we’ll be seeing them all in costume. If there’s an image that could top seeing the Avengers together for the first time, it’s this one.

Remember that, prior to Iron Man‘s release in 2008, The Avengers and the characters that make up the team (including Captain America and Thor) were considered Marvel’s B-team by the general public. It wasn’t until Robert Downey Jr., a team up between screenwriters and comic book writers, and a risky plan, that these three characters became the household names they only were to those that managed to open a comic book. At Christmas, I was asked by a cousin who’d never seen Captain America or Avengers why Cap was a good character at all. This same cousin wouldn’t question Batman.

Zack Snyder recently spoke with Forbes about the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, and he described some test photos that were done recently. It confirms that we’ll see all three characters in costume. It doesn’t confirm that we’ll see them all together, but it’s now a possibility.

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Thoughts on Man of Steel 2 (aka Batman vs. Superman)

Batman vs. Superman (Man of Steel 2)If you know me, you know my reaction to this already: wait and see. I absolutely LOVED Man of Steel, and am hoping that Man of Steel 2 is another great Superman film. Including Batman in the film only scares me as much as I want another Man of Steel and not a half Supes/half Bats movie. I want Clark at the Daily Planet, I want Superman doing more super things like in Man of Steel and I want more Smallville and Ma Kent.

That said, with Affleck, my first instinct was to think negatively about it… but then I thought, no. I won’t give in to even my own negative thoughts about what it could be. Usually, in these situations, my own imagination will tend to take things way out of proportion, and only when I see it will I understand if it does or doesn’t make me happy. I feel the same way about Gal Gadot being cast as Wonder Woman.

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