Conan O’Brien: A Total Class Act – “People of Earth”

Jay Leno should do the noble thing and quit.  Making the affiliates happy is not Conan’s problem, it falls on NBC.  The affiliates wanted one thing: programming that kept people watching until the news.  CLEARLY Leno isn’t that programming.  That fact should make it all the more clear to NBC that Leno isn’t what people want.  Putting him at 11:35 isn’t going to make the affiliates happy.  It’s going to make NBC look like a failure.  Good job, NBC.  You’re ruining yourself.  What becomes of the Tonight Show if Conan leaves?  Does Leno get it back?  That would be a nasty move on the part of both Jay Leno and NBC.  Conan’s put years of work into the Tonight Show, and I believe his run would have rivaled Johnny Carson’s in the end.  Now we’ll likely never know.

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