7 Reasons More GameCube Controller Adapters for Wii U are Coming

Wii U GameCube Controller AdapterDear fans of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U,

I feel your pain, regarding the GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U. It’s being sold at ridiculous prices right now with very little coming from Nintendo of America as to the availability of more of this item.

But more are coming. It just might take until after Christmas before we see them on shelves. I’d say that, by May, there will be so many out there, scalpers won’t be able to sell them for more than $15.

How do I know this?

1. It’s a total sell-out as soon as it hits store shelves. Nintendo isn’t going to look at this and do nothing. They’re not a company of idiots. This is like printing money for them, and they’re going to do that.

2. They’ve designed packaging specifically for this product, and it’s got an SKU number for stores to stock it. The SKU number is 7522006, and the Model number, for those that are wondering, is WUPAGGKA.

3. They made the adapter in the first place. It required designers, testers, manufacturing and approvals for the device to be sold. The first shipment of adapters couldn’t have possibly covered the costs involved here.

4. It’s probably around $2 in parts that they can sell for $20. That’s an insane markup. All that it’s doing is translating the signals from four controllers so that the game can understand it.

Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U5. It doesn’t “only work with Smash Brothers.” The box art for the controller (sold separately) even says as much. From the back of the box:

The classic Nintendo GameCube controller is now updated and optimized for playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on the Wii U system (requires connection via a GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U-sold separately).

The ergonomic design, competition length extra-long cord, built-in rumble feature, and flaming Super Smash Bros. icon completes this specially designed Super Smash Bros. edition of the timeless Nintendo GameCube controller.

The GameCube controller is compatible with the Wii U, Wii, and Nintendo GameCube systems.

When used with a Wii U system, look on the back of Wii U game packaging to see which games use the GameCube Controller.

There it is… right there at the end. “…look on the back of Wii U game packaging to see which games use the GameCube Controller.” Nothing about it only being used on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, but a strong hint that it can be used with other Wii U games. And the manual for the GameCube Controller goes on about that, basically repeating the same information, but in a slightly different way:

For Wii U, you must use Wii U software that supports Nintendo GameCube controllers. Look for this icon on Wii U game packaging for games that are designed to be used with this accessory.

And it has the GameCube controller icon next to that.

6. They are still selling the GameCube Controller Super Smash Bros. Edition. If they weren’t planning on making more of the adapters, they wouldn’t be selling these separately. Controllers that REQUIRE the use of the adapter. Which leads us to number seven.

7. They sell the GameCube Controller Adapter separately. If they meant for only the first shipment of Controllers and Adapters to satisfy all of the fans of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, they wouldn’t have gone to this trouble. They would have, instead, created mega sets with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, that included an adapter and four GameCube controllers. But they didn’t. They sold a version of the game that comes with one controller and an adapter with enough ports for three more. And they knew that people would purchase the GameCube controllers without purchasing the Adapter, and still be in need of an adapter to be able to use the $30 controller they just purchased for the game that it was made for.

My best educated guess is that Nintendo has put in a massive order with whatever factory it is they use to create these devices, and they’re getting the devices ready for shipping to the United States.

If I’m wrong, and Nintendo has stopped production on a product that they could sell to millions, then Nintendo owes those of us that purchased a GameCube controller from them, with the hope that we’ll find an adapter. Either a full refund, or an adapter. And the adapter would cost Nintendo a $20 sale, rather than a $30 refund.

I still can’t believe I was holding an adapter and decided to try to find the Smash Bros. bundle for a $10 savings. Now some jerk is selling that adapter for $100 to an enabler that couldn’t wait for Nintendo’s next shipment.

Anyone that tells you Nintendo isn’t making any more GameCube Controller Adapters has one for sale on ebay or Amazon for $100+.

And if Nintendo won’t continue production on it, a third party will, and they’ll eat Nintendo’s lunch for probably about $10 or $15.

Ghostbusters 3 to be All Female Team, Directed by Paul Feig, and a Reboot

Paul FeigI’ve been rolling this whole thing around in my head for the last month. Really a few months, since this was the threatened direction for the next Ghostbusters film. A film that I’ve been waiting for since 1989. I’ve wanted more Ghostbusters and now it’s actually going to happen. I’m going to get what I wished for… but you know what they say… be careful what you wish for, you may actually get it.

About five and a half years ago, I even listed Paul Feig on a post about who should direct a third Ghostbusters film. I had found a list of potential directors on a couple of sites, and added Feig to the list, so in the words of Egon Spengler, “I blame myself.” At the time, I said:

“Paul Feig is a director that was also the creator of the short lived, but brilliant show Freaks and Geeks. He’s directed many of the funniest episodes of such shows as The Office and Arrested Development. His comedy style seems like it’d be a good fit for a new Ghostbusters, as he is able to capture the feel of the 80s so well in Freaks and Geeks, which wouldn’t necessarily matter for a modern day GB film, but it would at least keep the overall feel of the series thus far intact. I wouldn’t mind seeing his name attached to the helm.”

What a difference five years makes. Feig has directed a bunch of movies that I’ve never seen. I’ve only seen about 20 minutes of Bridesmaids, and didn’t enjoy it. And now Feig loves working with women. There’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all. The problem lies in the makeup of the team. If Feig had said that he was continuing the story with a new team that would include women, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Over the years there have been many women that have been on the team. Having a team with at least one guy opens up the property so that boys and girls alike can watch and enjoy it, and see someone that they could dream that they might one day grow up to become. Seeing someone of your own gender in a role gives you something to aspire to.

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Girl Meets World renewed for Season 2!

Girl Meets WorldIf you know me, you know that I’m a big fan of Boy Meets World. After watching the complete series on DVD a few years ago, I looked up the cast online and tweeted them my thanks for an incredible series. I watched most of it when it was originally on TV, and was practically always the same age as the characters in the show, except when they jumped over a couple of years here and there. I also remember thinking, when I finished the seventh season, that I wished there was more, so I could see where the characters went from there. And then it happened. Disney announced Girl Meets World would be coming. A couple of years later, it started, and it’s everything that I could have wanted from a sequel to Boy Meets World.

At this point, we’re about five episodes into the first season of the show, but it’s already shown the same quality of writing, moral lessons and heart of the last series. The fact that they have many of the original members of the creative team from Boy Meets World involved really shows. In style, it’s kind of a mix of the first few seasons of Boy Meets World. I watched the complete series of Boy Meets World again, this year, to prepare. Girl Meets World is like catching up with old friends who now have kids of their own. Ben Savage’s physical comedy hasn’t skipped a beat, either.

Today, Disney Channel announced that Girl Meets World will have a second season! Hopefully the show brings us all the way to season seven, so we can see a conclusion that somehow mirrors the one at the end of Boy Meets World. This announcement brings us one step closer! Also of note is that Girl Meets World is the #1 ranked show among kids and tweens, and has been ever since it premiered. It’s found an audience with fans of the original show, as well (clearly).

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IDW’s Ghostbusters On-going Comic Book Cancelled… sigh

Ghostbusters #20IDW Publishing announced this week that the end has come for the Ghostbusters comic book that has delivered excellent content for the better part of three years. I’m very proud of the team that created it. It brought back the feel of the movies and the cartoons at the same time, while delivering great new adventures on a monthly basis.

I have hope that one day, IDW will bring this great team back together for another go-round. It’s the reason I started reading comics again. I’ve bought at least two copies of every single issue, and gotten many issues graded (now I could do the rest of the series, knowing there’s an end in sight). I’ve also got them all digital (all released so far), and I’ve been planning to get the Total Containment book version, and hoped to get a volume 2 with the next part. Hope that’s still a possibility.

My thoughts are somewhat complex as to why this happened. I know that it was a tough decision by those involved, but it seems to me that there might be larger reasons in play for this. This announcement comes mere weeks before Comic-Con. The Ghostbusters 30th anniversary is afoot. There may well be some pretty big announcements on the way from Sony, regarding the long awaited third Ghostbusters movie. There may even be other Ghostbusters media announcements, like a new cartoon, toy line, and other things.

Either way, I can’t say I didn’t do my part to support this comic book, and I hope that you pick up some issues in this great series. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed that you did. It’s been a fun ride, and it will be bittersweet when the final issue arrives in my mailbox, but I can always go back and read them all over again.

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20 Reasons why Self-Driving Cars will Change the World

20 Reasons why Self-Driving Cars will Change the WorldI’ve been dreaming about self-driving cars since I was a kid, and I first read about work being done on them in, I think, 3-2-1 Contact Magazine. Since then, a lot has happened with the technology. According to the latest rumors, they’ll be available to the public by 2020. I wish it were sooner, because I want one. That said, Google is doing a lot of work on them, and we’ve got a great update about the features they’ve been working into these cars.

I’ve been talking about this concept for the past few years now, and early on I had a couple of friends tell me that this will never happen. Their reasons were that people like the idea of being in control of their car, and there was already push-back (at the time) against the cars that parallel parked themselves. At the time, I thought that was a ridiculous notion because I think that the level of safety the technology will bring is worth a bit of discomfort at the beginning.

I recently heard that Elon Musk said that he changed the conversation a bit when he was talking to people. At first, he’d mention self-driving cars, and people would respond a bit negatively. It was when he started talking about putting autopilot into cars that people started to think it was not only a good idea, but a really cool idea. The idea of a car driving itself tends to be a scary notion, but the idea of a car with autopilot on is intriguing and awesome.

1. Cars with Autopilot will save lives

Hundreds of car accidents happen every day, many end in lives lost and families torn apart. People also, very stupidly, drive while drunk, too tired, or texting their friends. I’d look up stats of the numbers of lives lost by negligence of the law while behind the wheel, but all you need to do is turn on the nightly news to see reports that prove this point. Crashes may still occur, but that will happen less and less.

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