What would Girl Meets World Season 4 have been about?

The cancellation of Girl Meets World by Disney Channel was shocking to all of us. Especially considering shows with similar ratings have gone on to have a fourth and final season on the channel. Disney Channel said that it was because the advertisers they were getting for the show were outside of the demographic that they go after on their channel. I don’t believe that for a minute, though. If you look at other shows they’ve aired, such as I Didn’t Do It, the show could have continued for a fourth and final season just fine. I think Disney Channel was trying to make room on the schedule for two other shows: Andi Mack and the That’s So Raven sequel series. The end of Liv and Maddie also made some room, though, as did the end of Best Friends Whenever. I also have to note that K.C. Undercover features leads that are all in the same age group as the characters on Girl Meets World. Perhaps even a little older. Again, making Disney Channel’s claims deflate all the more.

That said, Michael Jacobs mentioned that he would share what the plans were for the fourth season of the show if he couldn’t find a new home for the series to continue. (P.S. If you are interested in trying to help get the show on Netflix, request it here!)

He tweeted:

I wasn’t able to find a new venue for the show. I’m sorry. We brought our best and hope we made you think and feel. Until next time. Thanks. Grateful to all who have written in support of the show. You are who we did it for. And now to keep a promise: Season 4 would’ve shown that what drew Farkle, Lucas and Zay to Riley and Maya was the deep friendship and respect they had for each other. And their relationship was the guide in how to meet the world. Especially our current world. Because to find love, friendship and respect must be at the center of it. Cory and Topanga always knew that. So, as you all meet this world, we wish you friendship, respect and love. Oh, and Auggie and Ava were forever. All of us at BMW and GMW have loved bringing you these stories. We hope we have taught you to dream, try and do good. Class dismissed.

I wish we were getting the fourth season of the show. I wasn’t sure about the characters going in, and watching the show episode by episode didn’t really help that too much. But then I showed my sister a lot of episodes in a row, the ones that featured cast members from Boy Meets World, mostly, plus some other good episodes. Watching the episodes like that helped to see the characters and stories the way they probably did in the writer’s room on the show. You could see the way the writers were building the world, and adding layers to the show as it went on. There are bits of dialog in episodes that are directly referencing a conversation or a moment from episodes earlier in the season, and possibly the entire series. I only started to notice the callbacks upon rewatching the series, and it made the show much stronger.

The final episode of season three was a good end to the show, rounding out the overall series to ten seasons with Cory and Topanga. I look forward to watching all ten seasons in order sometime soon.

Thank you, Michael Jacobs and the writing team. I know you would have given us more gold, but I’m thankful that we got some more. One of the last times I watched my way through Boy Meets World, I went looking for another show that was somehow like it. I just wanted more of it. And then that show was announced. It took a while to make it to the screen, but it did, and now having three seasons to add, it feels satisfying to have more content. Effectively Boy Meets World seasons 8, 9 and 10.

I look forward to showing my daughter all of this.

(Once more: If you are interested in trying to help get the show on Netflix, request it here!)

Supergirl Costume Revealed

SupergirlThey’ve revealed the costume that Supergirl will wear in the pilot for what could become a television series next fall. It’s actually a good and modest costume that is faithful to the source material. There have been many costumes for Supergirl, but this one seems to be a good blend of the iconic costumes she’s worn.

She also has the proper amount of innocence to her, and you can practically read her personality with only the look on her face. Supergirl is played by Melissa Benoist in for the TV series. I’ve never seen her in anything before, but recognize the names of some of the shows and movies that she’s a part of.

If the show is picked up to series, it will air on CBS starting this fall. DC is really firing on all cylinders these days, with a cinematic universe kicking off in earnest with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016. Since Smallville went off the air, they’ve successfully launched Arrow and The Flash, and made some attempts at bringing Wonder Woman back to the small screen, with one attempt a few years ago, followed by another called Amazon.

I read a run of Supergirl comics by Peter David back in the 90s that I enjoyed.


Girl Meets World renewed for Season 2!

Girl Meets WorldIf you know me, you know that I’m a big fan of Boy Meets World. After watching the complete series on DVD a few years ago, I looked up the cast online and tweeted them my thanks for an incredible series. I watched most of it when it was originally on TV, and was practically always the same age as the characters in the show, except when they jumped over a couple of years here and there. I also remember thinking, when I finished the seventh season, that I wished there was more, so I could see where the characters went from there. And then it happened. Disney announced Girl Meets World would be coming. A couple of years later, it started, and it’s everything that I could have wanted from a sequel to Boy Meets World.

At this point, we’re about five episodes into the first season of the show, but it’s already shown the same quality of writing, moral lessons and heart of the last series. The fact that they have many of the original members of the creative team from Boy Meets World involved really shows. In style, it’s kind of a mix of the first few seasons of Boy Meets World. I watched the complete series of Boy Meets World again, this year, to prepare. Girl Meets World is like catching up with old friends who now have kids of their own. Ben Savage’s physical comedy hasn’t skipped a beat, either.

Today, Disney Channel announced that Girl Meets World will have a second season! Hopefully the show brings us all the way to season seven, so we can see a conclusion that somehow mirrors the one at the end of Boy Meets World. This announcement brings us one step closer! Also of note is that Girl Meets World is the #1 ranked show among kids and tweens, and has been ever since it premiered. It’s found an audience with fans of the original show, as well (clearly).

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5 Reasons I still buy Blu-ray and DVD, and will continue to

Boy Meets WorldI have a decent collection of movies and television shows on Blu-ray and DVD. It’s something that most of my friends know, and they often ask me what movies are out that are worth seeing, among other similar questions. One thing that some of the more tech savvy friends of mine ask me is, why do you keep buying movies when there is streaming, and that “has everything?”

Shout Factory put together this list of five reasons, and I’m going to do my own elaboration on each point, because I agree. There are a lot of good reasons as to why, but not the least of which is the fact that streaming doesn’t have everything. With that, let’s jump into the list:

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NBC’s Heroes Reborn will start with Prequel Web Series

Heroes RebornAs a longtime fan of the NBC tv series, Heroes, I was very pleased to hear of the return of the show in a limited series format, which will give Tim Kring and his team 13 episodes to tell the next chapter from beginning to end. Heroes Reborn is currently scheduled to air in the summer of 2015.

However, to help kick things off, they’re also creating a prequel called Heroes Reborn: Digital Series, which will be released on NBC.com, Hulu and video-on-demand.

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First Smart Set-Top Box to bring à la carte Cable TV wins

Cable TVRoku, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, and Apple TV are all fighting for our attention as a device through which we consume our content. And they’re not all. Years ago, WebTV provided a glimpse into what the world would be like in the future. It paved the way for TiVo and ultimately lead the way to Slingbox, Western Digital’s WD TV, Netgear’s NeoTV and more.

Now the race is on to take over our living rooms. If you don’t have a game console like Wii UXbox or Playstation, other options for streaming Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video include Smart TVs, Smarter Blu-ray players and even your cable boxes.

Devices like Roku, Amazon FireTV and Apple TV come in at up to $99, while Google’s Chromecast will run you a mere $35 (and I’ve seen sales around $25-30). All of these devices go a long way toward getting people to cut the cable TV entirely, by providing streaming for all of the shows that people want.

But there’s a problem, and I think the first set-top box to solve it will change the future.

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