Movies that Deserve Direct Sequels

Jetsons the Movie

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of movies. Sometimes I want to spend more time in the universe, and not by going back through the same adventure (though that is okay with me too). Sometimes I want to see further adventures of the characters that I had just seen, or more adventures in the world that they had just inhabited. These could also be follow-ups that take place in-between a movie and an already existing sequel. Some would work well as spin-off series, others as direct sequels, and others, probably not at all.

  1. Jetsons: The Movie – Loved this movie when I was a kid, and always wanted a sequel that required them to go back to the Orbiting Ore Asteroid. I could see them creating a series around the further adventures of the Jetsons that is set entirely there, giving us the chance to explore their neighborhood at Intergalactic Garden Estates, the shopping mall, the various aliens that live there, too. After multiple seasons set on the poluted planet earth, it would have been fun to see more adventures in a new environment.
  2. Twister – I would have loved to see what happened with the data they collected in the first film. Perhaps the sequel could have been about the further testing of earlier emergency alert systems as tornado season picks up again. Not sure, but I really enjoyed the movie for some reason.
  3. Flight of the Navigator – Bring on more science fiction adventures with the spaceship.
  4. A Goofy Movie – I have seen enough of An Extremely Goofy Movie to wonder where Roxanne went. I liked the characters and wanted to see more of them. I was thinking more of a direct follow-up film than an entirely new and separate adventure.
  5. Ghostbusters: Answer the Call / Ghostbusters II – Closing third film in the original series, follow up to the reboot, perhaps a cross-over, which seemed to work well in the comics. Frankly, I just want more of this universe.
  6. The Iron Giant – Probably not a great idea to create a follow-up to this one, but just throwing it out there.
  7. Muppets from Space – Weird one because there have been follow-on movies, but I’m thinking of movies or stories that are direct follow-ups to the story told in the film. I don’t know what it would be like, but I used to want this one, until The Muppets came about and sort of filled that role, and became my favorite Muppet movie.
  8. City of Ember – The first ends with a hopeful note, and I’d like to see what is next.
  9. Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation – Something that isn’t Care Bears Adventures in Wonderland, but actually captures the feel of this movie. Though perhaps, also, with less plot-holes.
  10. Hook – Call it The Lost Boys or Neverland or something, but I wanted to learn what was next for the gang that Peter left behind at the end of the movie. It’ll probably never happen, though there have been some attempts to do this.
  11. The Goonies – More adventures in the Goondocks please!
  12. The NeverEnding Story – The second film was one that I wanted to like, but it’s just very dull. I’d love a sequel that recaptures the magic that the first one ended with.
  13. Cinderella – One of the best live-action Disney adaptations, I would love to see more of the great characters introduced in the first one. Though I don’t know what it would be about… not in the slightest.
  14. An American Tail – Sure, Fievel Goes West was a fun sequel, and I really enjoyed it. But I missed the world and characters of the first film. I wanted to see the “more America” that was promised by the pigeon at the end of the first film, and to be able to experience all of that exploration of New York City, etc.
  15. G-Force – Yep… the one with the Guinea Pig super spies. The origin story was alright, but there’s room for more of these.
  16. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York – Bring back John Williams, find a kid that is as compelling as Macaulay Culkin to watch, and villains as good as Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Set it at Christmas-time again, and create a film that honors the original two while ignoring the other sequels.
  17. Short Circuit 2 – Now that he’s a citizen, what was next for Johnny 5?
  18. Man of Steel – My favorite Superman movie, period. I want more of this version of Superman
  19. What About Bob? – Probably not a good idea, but I always wondered what happened next.
  20. Muppets Most Wanted – After The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted, I was really hoping for another Muppet caper.
  21. The Princess Bride – Some editions of the book have the first chapter of Buttercup’s Baby, which William Goldman will probably never complete.
  22. Elf – Probably not a good idea to make a sequel, but I love this movie.
  23. Inside Out – Probably impossible, based on the subject matter that would likely be involved, but could be fascinating.
  24. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – Another film that isn’t a good idea unless the right story and circumstances presented themselves.
  25. Super 8 – Had a great time with the movie, but the kids are probably all much too old for a direct sequel, like The Goonies, so it would have to be a very different story. We’re kind of getting that with Stranger Things though.
  26. Fluppy Dogs – You probably have never heard of this one. It wasn’t actually a movie. It was actually a one hour pilot for an animated series that would have been part of the Disney Afternoon. It featured dogs from another dimension, and would still make a pretty fun adventure series. If it were ever picked up again, I would like to see them try to minimize redesigns of the characters.

Sequels that are coming/have been recently released:

  1. EnchantedDisenchanted has been written, as of 2018, it is likely that it will head into production.
  2. The Karate Kid – They basically made a sequel in 2018’s series Cobra Kai. A second season has also been announced.
  3. Chicken Run – Aardman’s most successful feature film is getting a sequel. Crazy!
  4. Unbreakable / Split – Glass is coming out in 2019.. a sequel to both films.

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