Super 8 – A Film about Letting Go, Forgiveness, Childhood and Film Making

Super 8 is a film that is rich with many layers of depth.  It is a love-letter to the inspiration of making movies and provides a lot of heart to match.  After seeing the film, I ordered the score, composed by Michael Giacchino.  Giacchino has worked with Super 8 director J.J. Abrams on every project since Alias.

Having seen the film three times, each time getting something new out of the movie, I found the music and characters began to resonate with me more and more.  Perhaps it’s because my childhood was somewhat similar, but for whatever reason, the themes that the film contained touched me.

The music, masterfully composed by Giacchino, is both reminiscent of the music of John Williams and entirely original.  The first time you hear the music in the film is with the studio logos, before the movie even begins, and I can remember feeling that music already transporting me back to my childhood.

It is then that the film begins, with a loss that hangs over the whole film: an accident at a plant that takes the life of Joe Lamb’s mother.  It is this beat that sets up the emotional journey of Joe, as he sets off through the summer, trying to be a kid while also trying to deal with the loss of his mother and a father that doesn’t know how to be there for him.  Joe holds tightly to a locket that had belonged to his mother and finds it difficult to move on.  He finds himself on a journey of discovery as an alien is loose in his small town.  The culmination of his journey is in the moment that he confronts the alien face to face.

“Bad things happen,” he says, “but you can still live.”

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Owl City – A Spark of Relient K made me a fan

I’m not just into film, but music as well.  And over the last few months I’ve discovered, through my friends down in Florida, an artist by the name of Owl City.  I don’t listen to the radio much, as my music collection is pretty huge, and I can listen to music for weeks without repeating a single track, so I was quite surprised to see this Christian artist at the top of the iTunes charts.

When I first heard the song “Fireflies,” I thought it was Relient K, who I consider one of my favorite bands of all time.  It turns out that I wasn’t far off of the mark.  Not only was Relient K frontman and song-writer Matthew Thiessen a co-writer on both “The Bird and The Worm” and “Tidal Wave,” but he also provides vocals to “Cave In,” “The Bird and The Worm,” “Tidal Wave” and “Fireflies!”  Somehow I knew that Relient K had something to do with it.

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The Heroes Score: Finally!

Heroes ScoreSince the first episode of Heroes, I have wanted to own a recording of the score by Wendy & Lisa.  Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman have composed a unique experience with the score, that sets Heroes apart from traditional superhero soundtracks. The pilot episode was first played at the San Diego Comic Con with a temporary score taken from Batman Begins. That music became the inspiration for the melodies and the tempo that was produced for the shows premiere that fall.

Last year, there was a Heroes soundtrack released (Heroes Orginal Soundtrack-Deluxe Edition), but it’s composed of songs that the writing staff listened to while writing the scripts for the show. It also included a little bit of the score, but all in all I only was able to handle it a couple of listens. It wasn’t something that I enjoyed, as I didn’t really know many of the songs, and if I did, I wasn’t a fan of the artist, for the most part.

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Future of Forestry – Travel

Future of Forestry - TravelTravel, the first of three 6-song travel themed collections coming from the sonically spacious Future of Forestry this year. Travel combines the intelligent rock ‘n roll fans have come to love from Future of Forestry with thought provoking lyrics delivering a creative and vast experience to a listener. Future of Forestry quickly made a name for themselves following the release of their debut album Twilight, taking fans on a musical journey with their bright optimism from sunny southern California mixed with their epic, sweeping euro-rock sound that has left fans wanting more from the group.

May 5th Future of Forestry unveils the next step in the journey with Travel – songs that will provoke contemplation, encourage day-dreaming, and deepen perspective on all things beautiful.

Track Listing

1. Wish I Could Feel
2. This Hour
3. Color in Array
4. Hallelujah
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Travelers Song

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Newsboys: Jody Davis returns, Paul Colman goes back solo

newsboysGreat news, Newsboys fans: Longtime guitarist Jody Davis has returned to the Newsboys after a five-year hiatus. He left the band to spend time with his daughter, and is now making a return.

This comes on the heels of Paul Colman’s announcement that he is returning to his solo music career. And we’ve just about come full circle. All we need now is to see an announcement of the return of Phil Joel to the band. But that’s not something that is bound to happen any time soon, as far as I know.

Newsboys also have a new album dropping this spring. The first single from it is classic Newsboys, and that gives me hope for another incredible record!
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Future of Forestry – Advent Christmas EP

One of my favorite bands is Future of Forestry. Today, I discovered that they have released a short EP for Christmas. Called the Advent Christmas EP, it features “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” “What Child Is This,” “The First Noel,” “Little Drummer Boy,” and “O Holy Night.” I haven’t listened to it yet, but if their full length album is anything to go by, it’s going to be a great listen.

The band’s first Christmas release brings you Holiday songs you have probably heard and loved a million times before… but you have never heard them like this!

Future of Forestry took traditional Christmas songs and infused them with their signature atmospheric tones, orchestral arrangements, and celestial melodic rock qualities.

If you love Christmas songs but are tired of hearing them the same way, this album will give you a new perspective. It will bring you through the nostalgia, stillness, and excitement of Christmas all in one listen.

Future of Forestry - Advent Christmas EP

Future of Forestry - Advent Christmas EP