Wonder Woman’s New Look – More Changes

Time for another geeky entry.  A few months ago, I wrote about Wonder Woman’s new look, and how I liked the modesty that it brought to the character.  I also had a feeling that it was created to help with the look of the character in future movie projects.  Well, DC just recently announced that they are going to be doing a Justice League movie for release in 2013.  They also announced a feature film version of Wonder Woman and The Flash.  It’s still too early to see how the upcoming Wonder Woman tv series (that hasn’t been picked up just yet) could have an effect on the film version.

When it comes to the costume of the character, however, there has been a lot of discussion in the last few weeks.  The image that I posted at the top of this story is cover art from an upcoming issue of the Wonder Woman comic, #609, which is releasing in June 2011.  Apparently the new costume with the pants, shirt and jacket wasn’t meant to last very long.  In fact, it seems as though it might have been in an alternate universe.  This is a shame, to me, as you can see that she’s now back to her immodest look.

This change wasn’t based on the backlash toward the costume that Adrianne Palicki was initially wearing as Wonder Woman (Diana) for the new tv series’ pilot.  It was just part of the storyline.  However, the new costume did effect the TV series in a way that I was both happy and upset with.  I was happy that it inspired the pants that Diana needs to wear, but upset with the color of them, and the lack of a jacket of any kind.

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