Owl City – A Spark of Relient K made me a fan

I’m not just into film, but music as well.  And over the last few months I’ve discovered, through my friends down in Florida, an artist by the name of Owl City.  I don’t listen to the radio much, as my music collection is pretty huge, and I can listen to music for weeks without repeating a single track, so I was quite surprised to see this Christian artist at the top of the iTunes charts.

When I first heard the song “Fireflies,” I thought it was Relient K, who I consider one of my favorite bands of all time.  It turns out that I wasn’t far off of the mark.  Not only was Relient K frontman and song-writer Matthew Thiessen a co-writer on both “The Bird and The Worm” and “Tidal Wave,” but he also provides vocals to “Cave In,” “The Bird and The Worm,” “Tidal Wave” and “Fireflies!”  Somehow I knew that Relient K had something to do with it.

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