South Bend Antioch

Went to South Bend for their Antioch meeting tonight. I ended up being in a skit that we rehearsed about 4 times. I would have liked to go over it a few more times, but what can you do with the time that you have, you know?

Anyway, Jill spoke at the meeting, and she wrote the skit, which was excellent. What she spoke of at the meeting took a lot of bravery, courage, and humility…all great qualities to have… it also showed her strength of character, humanity, and strength of will…she is a very admirable person, because what she did, few ever have the opportunity to do: she went up there, and told 50 people of some of the darkest parts of her life. This is a step that shows many many things, and the first of which is this: that there is always hope. I commend her on a job well done, and I thank her for sharing what she has.

Hung out a bit with Tom and Will. Both are hilarious and outstanding. Also met some really cool people, including AuroraChristi who I met on a while ago and happened to be a part of the Antioch group down in South Bend. She’s every bit as animated as I thought she would be. Even moreso, really. I think she’s more animated than I am, and that’s saying something.

In other news: Cellsplash should be opening in the next couple of days. Watch for it 🙂

Subway Adventure

Yesterday, I watched School of Rock because Jill had just watched it and I thought, man I haven’t seen that in a long time, and that is a great movie. Then I went to my dad’s to help him set up his new VCR, and what did he have on? School of Rock!

On my way to Roy’s, I stopped at Subway. The dude at the counter was pretty cool. We started joking around, and he mentioned that his mom only has one leg. He said that a co-worker didn’t believe him and called his dad and said “How many legs does your wife have?” and he was pretty mad about that, but his mom does get around and is a real trooper. I mentioned that my dad only has one hand, and that I understood the situation of disbelief and stuff. It was quite a fun conversation.

Last night at Antioch, we were all exhausted. I was tired from Wednesday in South Bend, and everyone else was pretty tired from many other things. What a crazy day, huh.

Holy Cross Summer Conference

I just got home from South Bend / Muskegon Antioch. I went to a Summer Conference at Holy Cross College. It was a very fun time. I met some awesome people, and especially one person that I had only met through Xanga, and I’m pleased to say that she is in every way as cool in person as she is online. Cooler even. We stayed up til 3am (4am GR time) talking about many things. Her name is Jill, and I must say, wow, talk about a fun person to hang around. I hope to get the opportunity and privelage to hang out with her again sometime in the near future. I could go on for a while about her, and not just her, but many of the people that I met last weekend. I am just very very tired.

Open Houses and Beach Parties

Went to Laura’s open house. That was awesome. Great food, good conversations.. then went to the beach party. Lemme see if I remember everyone that was there without missing a name.

Jennifer, Angie, Ashton, Jeannette, Paula, Sarah, Mary, Joe, Pat, Mike, Scott, Tim, Noah. I think that was everyone. If I missed anyone, I apologize.

I’m going to bed, gotta get up early to leave for South Bend for the weekend.