Concerts and Dates

Thursday: I went to the Chris Tomlin / Matt Redman concert. Beth, Scott and I had our picture taken by someone before the show, and during the concert, they showed a ton of pictures they had taken, and ours appeared. It was awesome! What a great picture, too. It’s too bad they delete the pictures after the show.

Friday: Went to Subway with Courtney and Mary. They were playing country music and I mentioned that I don’t really listen to country music, ever. And Mary said that she can barely stand it, or something of that nature. Anyway, there was a lull in the conversation, and suddenly I noticed Mary was swaying back and forth very slightly. And when I looked at her, she stopped and had this big smile on her face. I leaned over and “whispered” to Courtney: “Mary just realized she was dancing to country music.” Mary started laughing so hard she left the room.

We played some tennis and went went to Rick’s for the Cornhole tournament and Movie night. Courtney, Mary and I built a fire in the backyard, and the movie for the night was Tommy Boy.

Saturday: Adoration, Mass and Confession at St. Francis de Sales, followed by an evening at Topo’s and watching Garden State and some of The Office.

Dwight: “Let me describe the perfect date: I take her out to a nice dinner. She looks amazing. Some guy tries to hit on Now he wants to fight. So I grab him, I throw him into a jukebox. Then the other ninja’s got a knife. He comes at me, we grapple, I turn his knife on him, blood on the dancefloor. She’s scared now, I take her home, I’m holding her in my arms. I reach in for a kiss, I hear something in the leaves..I flip her around, she gets a poison arrow right in her back. She was in on it the whole time..but I knew.”

Listen to Dwight tell it!

Sunday: Went to Antioch, the talks were pretty amazing. It’ll be great to see how Joe’s and Pat’s both come together on the retreat. Kari’s was outstanding, as were Paula’s and Ashley’s the week before. I’m looking forward to all the rest as well.

South Bend Antioch

Went to South Bend for their Antioch meeting tonight. I ended up being in a skit that we rehearsed about 4 times. I would have liked to go over it a few more times, but what can you do with the time that you have, you know?

Anyway, Jill spoke at the meeting, and she wrote the skit, which was excellent. What she spoke of at the meeting took a lot of bravery, courage, and humility…all great qualities to have… it also showed her strength of character, humanity, and strength of will…she is a very admirable person, because what she did, few ever have the opportunity to do: she went up there, and told 50 people of some of the darkest parts of her life. This is a step that shows many many things, and the first of which is this: that there is always hope. I commend her on a job well done, and I thank her for sharing what she has.

Hung out a bit with Tom and Will. Both are hilarious and outstanding. Also met some really cool people, including AuroraChristi who I met on a while ago and happened to be a part of the Antioch group down in South Bend. She’s every bit as animated as I thought she would be. Even moreso, really. I think she’s more animated than I am, and that’s saying something.

In other news: Cellsplash should be opening in the next couple of days. Watch for it 🙂

Bang the Bucket


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Subway Adventure

Yesterday, I watched School of Rock because Jill had just watched it and I thought, man I haven’t seen that in a long time, and that is a great movie. Then I went to my dad’s to help him set up his new VCR, and what did he have on? School of Rock!

On my way to Roy’s, I stopped at Subway. The dude at the counter was pretty cool. We started joking around, and he mentioned that his mom only has one leg. He said that a co-worker didn’t believe him and called his dad and said “How many legs does your wife have?” and he was pretty mad about that, but his mom does get around and is a real trooper. I mentioned that my dad only has one hand, and that I understood the situation of disbelief and stuff. It was quite a fun conversation.

Last night at Antioch, we were all exhausted. I was tired from Wednesday in South Bend, and everyone else was pretty tired from many other things. What a crazy day, huh.

Changing Lives

“So now, here we are, leaving the place we’ve come to know as home to go back to the place that once was home. It’s a wierd paradox really. We cried our first night here from the realization that our lives would never be the same again, and now we cry because we never want it to be.” – Michelle Masselink

Fantastic Four, Gas

Saw Fantastic Four with Joe. Not as bad as I’d thought. Pretty good actually, even though I saw a ton of inconsistancies that I usually overlook. Not the best of the summer that I have seen so far, but then I’ve only seen about 4 movies so far. Still gotta see War of the Worlds. I swear, Dakota Fanning has to be one of the best actresses right now. And here I am writing aimlessly.

Today was a slow day.. slowest all week. I worked with Roy again today until about 5:15ish, and then I went home. I spoke to no one online, because it appears that on this particular Friday, I’m about the only one that doesn’t have anything going on today. Ah well.

So, Gas prices are $2.49/gallon of unleaded. You think that’ll stop me from headin’ to South Bend next week? Not likely!

And in all actuallity, that last post was not even vague at all. It just requires a bit of knowledge that a few people have, but most do not. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it, it’s alright. Just go along with it.