Fantastic Four, Gas

Saw Fantastic Four with Joe. Not as bad as I’d thought. Pretty good actually, even though I saw a ton of inconsistancies that I usually overlook. Not the best of the summer that I have seen so far, but then I’ve only seen about 4 movies so far. Still gotta see War of the Worlds. I swear, Dakota Fanning has to be one of the best actresses right now. And here I am writing aimlessly.

Today was a slow day.. slowest all week. I worked with Roy again today until about 5:15ish, and then I went home. I spoke to no one online, because it appears that on this particular Friday, I’m about the only one that doesn’t have anything going on today. Ah well.

So, Gas prices are $2.49/gallon of unleaded. You think that’ll stop me from headin’ to South Bend next week? Not likely!

And in all actuallity, that last post was not even vague at all. It just requires a bit of knowledge that a few people have, but most do not. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it, it’s alright. Just go along with it.

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