The Hobbit – What’s wrong with 48 FPS?

Within the past couple of days, people have been slamming The Hobbit film.  Not for the content, though, they seem to love that.  They’ve been talking about the speed at which the film is displayed: 48 FPS.  Until now, that hasn’t been possible to display at a movie theater.  Until now, and for the last 90 years, all movies have been projected at a mere 24 frames per second.

It’s a leap forward in technology.

Something weird is happening, though.  The negative reaction to the 48 FPS is because it is “too realistic.”  But since when has that been a problem for people?  People to want their video game graphics to be as realistic as possible.  I’m one that doesn’t care what the game looks like, as long as it’s fun to play.  I love a beautiful looking video game, but I think that the SNES and up is fine as far as graphics quality.  But more often than not, people talk about how great the graphics look, and that’s what they’re looking for in a video game.  People also buy the latest and greatest in HD TVs, Blu-ray Discs, and even Apple is touting the graphical display capabilities of the new iPad (3rd Generation).

And when our movies look better, we’re suddenly against it?

“Indeed, the footage was vivid, with grass blades, facial lines and soaring mountains appearing luminous and pronounced. The actors looked almost touchable, as if they were performing live on stage.” (CBS)

That sounds FANTASTIC to me.  I want to see that.  That sounds magical.  That sounds like what movies should be.  Completely immersive.

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