Open Houses and Beach Parties

Went to Laura’s open house. That was awesome. Great food, good conversations.. then went to the beach party. Lemme see if I remember everyone that was there without missing a name.

Jennifer, Angie, Ashton, Jeannette, Paula, Sarah, Mary, Joe, Pat, Mike, Scott, Tim, Noah. I think that was everyone. If I missed anyone, I apologize.

I’m going to bed, gotta get up early to leave for South Bend for the weekend.

Beach Party and Harry Potter 3

Saw Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban on Friday morning at 12:01am. It was really good. I wasn’t really surprised by that, I thought it would be. I saw it with a great group of people.

Hit the beach yesterday. ROCK!

Got Window Clings! Need a car for mine.

Lots of people showed up, and we ate lots of burgers, played some Ultimate Frisbee, and Threw around a football, a frisbee, and a volleyball, all simultaneously.

Laura Neiser showed up. Haven’t seen her since 2003. She was at my table on the fall Antioch Muskegon retreat. Such an awesome person. Hope she’s on team on a future retreat. She has a way with words that can put things in perspective, and make things work. She’s one of the most memorable candidates I’ve had at my table. So reserved, yet so kind, and a strong person, but very faithful. If she’s reading this, she’s probably got tears in her eyes..that’s cool, she’s like that, which is awesome. She sees the beauty in things.