Song: Walking Her Home

Here are the lyrics, so far, of a song by Mark Schultz that he performs live, but hasn’t yet finished writing. It’s supposed to be on his next album. I can’t wait to hear the final version of it.

Walking Her Home
Mark Schultz

Lookin back
he sees it all
it was her first date the night he came to call
her dad said “Son, have her home by nine.
Promise me you’ll never leave her side.” (they go out on a date)

He was walking her home
Holding her hand.
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah (etc)
He remembered where he was the night he fell in love
He was walking her home
He was walking her home

(years pass, because he’s hitting the highlights)

Nursing home
At 92
it was their first night alone in separate rooms
at three am, shook by a storm
and when he awoke, she stood outside his door.
Nurse came down, she’d heard it all
She looked in the room, then down the hall

He was walking her home
to room 103
He needed to be with her so that she could fall asleep
Just for a while
They were 18
She was still more beautiful to him than anything
He was walking her home
He was walking her home

Catholics ARE Christians… nuff said

Posted this in a forum, just wanted to post it here:
Let me start by saying that this will be my only post in this thread as I will say all that I feel that I need to say here, very shortly.

1: Catholics ARE Christians….regardless of what anyone may tell you, if someone says otherwise, then they clearly do not know anything about the Catholic Church and need to be re-educated. This isn’t slander, it is the truth.

2: Catholics put the Bible together, yes, the very book that you’re all quoting to say that Catholics are wrong, well, we put it together.. even Martin Luther attested to that

3: History reveals early Christians doing an early version of the Mass: Letters from around 100 AD that clearly describe what can only be compared to the Catholic Mass have been found. Don’t ask for them, I don’t know where they are, just that they exist. You might be able to find out about them at

4: Christ wants UNITY and to continue this argument without honestly looking at things from both sides and remaining ignorant and continue to argue based on rumors, hearsay and misconstrued slander against the Catholic Church would just be ridiculous. So please, get yourselves educated on Why Catholics Do That

5. Read anything by Scott Hahn, G.K. Chesterton, Peter Kreeft or even, yes, J.R.R. Tolkien. All of them are smarter than I am, Chesterton and Tolkien are probably smarter than most of us combined. Chesterton and Tolkien were GREAT influences on C.S. Lewis. Yes, he read them, and was great friends with Tolkien. Perhaps we can all take something from their examples.

6. Arguing in a Forum goes Nowhere: because there is enough stuff already out there on both sides. If you truly wish to argue against something like Protestantism, or Catholicism, or Mormonism… go to the source and learn about them first. Do not make assumptions and accusations about things that you know little to nothing about. No matter how much you think you know, I guarentee you it is not enough.

Thank you

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