The Book Isn’t Always Better – Part 1: Big Fish

This is probably the first in a series of articles on the times that a movie has either been as good as the book, acted as a great complement to the book, or bested the book. This is the result of being tired of hearing the misconception that “the book is always better.” The truth is, it’s not. Sometimes the movie far exceeds the book in execution of the same story.

It could be that the filmmaker had a better vision for the story. It could be that the filmmaker is simply a better storyteller. It could be that the book just lends itself to also be great on film.

When I do my comparative analysis, I’m going to let you know whether I’ve read the book that the film is based on, and whether I read it before or after seeing the film, as all of these things have an effect on the results.

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The Iron Giant and Big Fish.

The Iron Giant is a movie by Brad Bird. It’s brilliant and an animation classic. Even though it came out in 1999, it was probably better than much of the Disney animation that I’ve seen. With Disney marketting, this movie would have been huge. It should have been huge.

Big Fish is a movie by Tim Burton, based on a book by Daniel Wallace. The book isn’t as good as the film, though. The movie’s soundtrack is a brilliant score by Danny Elfman, the man behind Spider-Man‘s music. The music completely compliments the movie and is at it’s most brilliant in the final moments of the film, when they just let you take in everything that is happening, and all of the characters that you loved in the movie.