A New Ghostbusters Cartoon – Coming Soon?

I’ve been re-watching my complete collection DVD set of The Real Ghostbusters in the last few days.  It looks brilliant on my HDTV.  I’m hoping for a release of the late nineties series Extreme Ghostbusters on DVD sometime soon.  It was one cartoon that didn’t get a fair shake, potentially because of the much darker subject matter of the series.  The Real Ghostbusters rarely delved as deeply into dark topics.  When it did, the good guys weren’t the ones doing it.  Extreme Ghostbusters is fundamentally flawed in that regard, but in favor of a complete collection, I’d love to have it.  Especially because the two parter Back in the Saddle brings all of the original Ghostbusters back for an adventure.  Which leads me to the topic of this article.

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