A New Ghostbusters Cartoon – Coming Soon?

A New Ghostbusters Cartoon - Coming Soon?I’ve been re-watching my complete collection DVD set of The Real Ghostbusters in the last few days.  It looks brilliant on my HDTV.  I’m hoping for a release of the late nineties series Extreme Ghostbusters on DVD sometime soon.  It was one cartoon that didn’t get a fair shake, potentially because of the much darker subject matter of the series.  The Real Ghostbusters rarely delved as deeply into dark topics.  When it did, the good guys weren’t the ones doing it.  Extreme Ghostbusters is fundamentally flawed in that regard, but in favor of a complete collection, I’d love to have it.  Especially because the two parter Back in the Saddle brings all of the original Ghostbusters back for an adventure.  Which leads me to the topic of this article.

Could a new Ghostbusters cartoon be released sometime in the next few years?  It’s possible.  The third movie is currently being re-written.  They’re on the second draft, I believe.  It’s likely that they’ll be shooting it sometime this fall, from what I’m hearing.  The news about it is coming out seemingly every few weeks or so, when someone is able to ask one of the writers or creative team members about it all.

The movies being released lately, either based on properties from the 80s, or otherwise, have brought about multiple new cartoons in some cases.  The Transformers films have brought about both Transformers Animated and the upcoming Transformers: Prime.  G.I. Joe recently had a series called Sigma 6 as well as one called Resolute.  There’s a new G.I. Joe series in the works to join the upcoming Transformers: Prime on The Hub (formerly Discovery Kids).

With these series getting new life with new styles and formats, it’s possible that Ghostbusters could make the return to Saturday Mornings.  Ghostbusters 3 is going to bring more awareness to the franchise.  Ghostbusters: The Video Game has started to bring awareness to higher levels.  And that’s not to mention the logo, which is one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

What would a new Ghostbusters cartoon look like?  I suppose that depends on what Ghostbusters 3 looks like.  Personally, I would like to see a cartoon that is similar in style to The Real Ghostbusters.  While Extreme Ghostbusters did a fair job of that, it missed the boat on a number of occasions, being too dark for younger children.  I’d love to have the writing style and format of the series return, with the new characters and the setting being around the time of the new film.  That way, they can do what RGB did, and tell new stories in that world, without stepping on the stories that potential new films in the series could bring.

What would you like to see in a potential new Ghostbusters cartoon?  A Real Ghostbusters sequel, of sorts?


  1. If they were to do a new cartoon series I’d say do a 110% completely original cartoon that has nothing to do with RGB or XGB. Both of the shows were good (except for when they decided to let Slimer take over & how XGB is basically the Ghostbusters 2 of the bunch) If it were to continue the story of the films & by extention the video game, then it should be a anthology cartoon series that follows the new branches of Ghostbusters through out the world & of course continue to tell the on going adventures of the original team & the rookie from the game of course! But it shouldnt be a sequel to the original cartoons. the only reason I can think of why XGB didnt quite workout was because ghostbusters in general had died out back in 1991. The cartoon was made to test the waters to see if a 3rd movie would work. sadly, the new characters werent that great, & even though the series stayed away from the campy stuff, it wasnt enough to save it. So in closing, If there is to be a new cartoon series, then I say make it a whole new ball game that isnt too campy for the tots, but not too dark for teens/young adults/ adults.

    • I could see that working as well, with something completely separate. I was just basing my thoughts at the time on having just watched the entire RGB DVD set, and wishing there were more episodes.

  2. i know this is an old post of 2010 but if there is going to be a new GB cartoon because yea almost every other 80’s reboot movie started a new series. i believe ether make it a continuation of the game of the original movie characters being brought into a series using the same ps3/xbox cgi style or just continue RGB with HD becuase the cartoon is just as famous as the movies don’t anyone forget it. just remember the jim carrey xmas movie that was both live and cgi animation the movie looked great plus jim didn’t have to do much because almost all of it was animation so doing the same for a new ghostbuster series would work and it would be the only way for older fans to have there precious original return. im personally pulling for a HD continuation of RGB more because the originals have nothing to do with RGB ahh im soo tired of older fans ranting about there precious originals there the ones bringing an almost complete stop of GB3 cause they cant agree on anything along with stubborn murray dragging his feet the hole time shit the more the original cast has nothing to do with any GB stuff the better seriously.

  3. Use the new packs from the game. A few new recruits and bring the humor up to date like adult swim. All the fans are adults now. See if the filmation Ghost busters want to join the party. lol

    Make it more like the x-men and tmnt. By that I mean have a few two-parter eps. Have every episode connected. It’s always good to see a monster that seems like the biggest and worst, but if they all get taken out in 30 min or less it turns into the same thing over and over again.

  4. I would like to see them do a Ghostbusters series based on the IDW comics of the same name. they really captured the essence of the characters. I also like how they touch on and flesh out Winston’s character a lot more so that hes much more than just that 4th ghostbuster standing on the outskirts, The art style is great as well and I love how they 1) use more humanoid ghosts and rely less on cartoony imps, and 2) utilize the plethora of urban legends and history as basis for their antagonists.

    • I completely agree. I love that series, and would absolutely purchase the show on Blu-ray or DVD, when it was released.

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