The Last Week

What’s it been… about a week? That week went so fast!

Last Wednesday: Millennium Park.. Pretty fun. Swimming and Volleyball and food.
Thursday: St. Thomas had Theology on Tap at 7:30 with Dr. Dave DenBraber speaking. We went to it. It was absolutely awesome. That guy is on fire for the Lord.
Friday:A Night of Worship at the Kreslin’s!!! Holy cow! Started late, at about 7:30 and went straight up until 10. That was one incredible evening!
Saturday: Rachel Z’s open house followed by Guy’s Night. Good food at Rachel’s, and at Guy’s Night we grilled hot dogs and played some cards and some Halo 2. I’m very bad at Halo 2.
Sunday: Antioch in Muskegon was an excellent meeting about suffering and doing something about it.
Monday: Went downtown to see the Fireworks. It was raining, but we stuck it out and the fireworks were pretty good.
Tuesday: Worked with Roy on ProCPR
Wednesday: Worked with Roy on ProCPR.. ..tonight at Connect is the next topic in the “Assault Against the Family” series of the summer. Should be good.

More later.. leave comments… be funny. Laugh a little… do you some good.

St. Thomas

Tonight was rather interesting.. after the Antioch meeting I decided to go to Boston’s to see if Chris was working (I went to school with him at St. Thomas.) Well, he wasn’t there, but I got hooked to the basketball game. Not sure why, I hardly watch NBA basketball. Anyway, I ordered a pizza at the end of the third, to go, and when I came back into the area where I was sitting, some dude was in my seat, but I let him sit there and took a nearby seat.. after a minute or so, I learned that this guy’s name was Paul and that he was Catholic and also lives right by St. Thomas, where I went to school. We talked and talked about all sorts of crazy stuff, it was awesome. At the end of the game, I said goodbye to Julia and gave her a hug (she’s a waitress that I’ve gotten to know from my frequent visits to Boston’s, visiting Chris and other old classmates that come by to chill). I think I’m going to start taking my laptop in there sometimes when I do designs and work on my screenplay, so that I don’t have the temptation of the internet to distract me… just the people at Boston’s.