St. Thomas

Tonight was rather interesting.. after the Antioch meeting I decided to go to Boston’s to see if Chris was working (I went to school with him at St. Thomas.) Well, he wasn’t there, but I got hooked to the basketball game. Not sure why, I hardly watch NBA basketball. Anyway, I ordered a pizza at the end of the third, to go, and when I came back into the area where I was sitting, some dude was in my seat, but I let him sit there and took a nearby seat.. after a minute or so, I learned that this guy’s name was Paul and that he was Catholic and also lives right by St. Thomas, where I went to school. We talked and talked about all sorts of crazy stuff, it was awesome. At the end of the game, I said goodbye to Julia and gave her a hug (she’s a waitress that I’ve gotten to know from my frequent visits to Boston’s, visiting Chris and other old classmates that come by to chill). I think I’m going to start taking my laptop in there sometimes when I do designs and work on my screenplay, so that I don’t have the temptation of the internet to distract me… just the people at Boston’s.

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