Scrubs – Season 9 – Intern becomes New Regular Cast Member

Scrubs - Denise played by Eliza CoupeOne of the interns from Season 8 is, in fact, returning to become a regular cast member on the show for the next season of Scrubs (or the first season of the spin-off). Eliza Coupe will return to her role of Denise (aka ‘Jo’) for Season 9.

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence comments, “I really like Eliza. I think she’s a really interesting actress and we didn’t give her a full character [last season]. I think she’s hyper-talented.”

Eliza Coupe joins John C. McGinley’s return to the role of Dr. Cox, and Donald Faison’s return to the role of Dr. Turk, as well as a potential fourth main cast member. Rumor has it they’re looking for a headliner to join the cast. Someone that is potentially an A-list actor.

My Most Anticipated Movies of July 2009: Ice Age 3, Harry Potter 6, G-Force

This month, I’ll be seeing Transformers 2 a few more times. But in between visits with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and the gang, I’ll be seeing Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Harry Potter 6 (Half-Blood Prince), and G-Force. Based on the other movies this month, Transformers will be getting a lot of business… at least from me.
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