Batman Begins

Hey everyone..

I just saw Batman Begins with my awesome friend Jaci. Haven’t seen her in about, oh, a year and some months. I think the last time was at Catholic Central and West Catholic’s play at Aquinas College. We went to get food first, which was cool. Also in attendance at the movie were the three Narnia sisters: Rebecca, Cynthia, and Rowan, and their parents, who I met in a fleeting moment after the film.

Batman was excellent. A wonderful Batman film. Long, yes, but it had some great stuff in it, and was grounded in reality for the most part. It had a very gritty feel to it, and it had some humor to it, which came at refreshing times. It began strong and ended strong and the middle was full of great characters and a fantastic beginning to a classic character.

Jaci: It was great to see you again, hopefully we’ll get to hang out again soon. You’re awesome. I can tell your faith is strong. Don’t lose that, you are a blessing to your friends!

Jenny: I’m sorry I forgot to mention you when I wrote this, but heck yes I saw you! That was an awesome part of the story, too! Because Jaci was like “Hi, I’m Paul Martin and I know everyone!” Props to you!

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