My Most Anticipated Movies of December 2009: Avatar, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, The Princess and the Frog, Sherlock Holmes

This month features the release of the long awaited James Cameron film, Avatar. I hope that it’s worth the wait, in the end. I’ve been telling my friends the only things I know about it for a long time: that James Cameron is inventing a new filming technique for it, and it’ll be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 is more or less a possibility, whereas The Princess and the Frog is a new Disney Must-See! I’ve selected Sherlock Holmes based on the creative team alone.

(December 18, 2009)

James Cameron’s first film since 1997’s Titanic. It’s also his project that he’s been working on for about twenty years. Apparently it’s using technology to film the movie that’s never been used before. Cameron is a pioneer of film, inventing new techniques and breaking boundaries. There hasn’t been a single shot of footage from the movie that has been released yet, and I wish it could stay that way. I wouldn’t mind if I went into this movie completely blind to the content of it. I have a feeling that it’ll be incredible.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel
(December 25, 2009)

I didn’t want to see the first one, initially, because in the original cartoon the chipmunks were about 3 feet tall. For the film, they took a more “realistic” route. Instead of 3-foot tall singing chipmunks, they used life-size singing chipmunks. Turns out that the movie wasn’t all that bad, and the sequel promises to have the Chipettes join the fray.

The Princess and the Frog
(December 25, 2009)

This could be the beginning of a new golden age for Disney animation. The first hand-drawn Disney film since Home on the Range, which I did not see, looks to be a classic and a potential masterpiece. I hope that it works out for Disney Animation, and helps to kickstart a new era of greatness from Disney. It would allow them to leave the CG films to Pixar, though they did a great job with a few of their productions. Meet the Robinsons and Bolt were terrific, and showed glimpses of the return to greatness. All I know about this film is that it includes the first African American Disney Princess, she’s from New Orleans, and it’s hand-drawn. I also know the title. That’s it.

Sherlock Holmes
(December 25, 2009)

I’m definitely curious about this one. I’ve really liked the Sherlock Holmes stories that I’ve heard, and I have heard some interesting things about this reboot to the series. For one thing, they’ve brought in a character that only appeared in one of the Holmes novels. For another, arch-nemesis Moriarty may not even appear in this film.

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