The Kung Fu Kid – The Karate Kid Remake: Renamed?

The Karate Kid RemakeI’ve just read that they have decided to re-name the Karate Kid remake. Thank you! The Kung Fu Kid is a name that I recommended back in January.

This is the first positive news that I have heard. According to an interview with Jackie Chan, found on FirstShowing: “They don’t want to call it Karate Kid any more,” Chan said. “They want to call it The Kung Fu Kid.”

It’s about time that a company got some bit of intelligence when doing a remake of a film that many, including myself, consider to be a classic among films created in the past 150 years.

I mean, Pat Morita was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the original Karate Kid. Let’s not have Jackie Chan try to repeat that performance. Let’s see if the news continues to improve as character names are changed, and the name Miyagi doesn’t appear in the film.

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The Karate Kid Remake with Jaden Smith? No Thanks!

So, news has hit the web today that a deal has been made to remake The Karate Kid. Not only that, but it will be set in middle-school. But that’s not all. It will be a starring vehicle for Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith.

To truly understand the problem that this has caused, we have to understand the history of The Karate Kid. It’s a film that I grew up on, and more important, it’s a film that AMERICA grew up on. America learned how to be a man from life lessons by Mr. Miyagi. Who hasn’t heard the phrase “Wax on, wax off?” Where else did we learn how to paint the fence, and defend ourselves, in the same night? When else can we move from one side of the country and learn Karate by doing chores from a man who has exiled himself from his home country of Okinawa?

It’s certainly not from whomever is going to try to imitate Pat Morita’s iconic Mr. Miyagi. It’s certainly not from a younger version of the story. No, this is more in the vein of The 3 Ninjas than TMNT.

The Karate Kid has it all. It’s got a guy in high school, dealing with a new town, making new friends, and a girl that happens to be the ex-girlfriend of his new-archnemesis. It’s also got a martial arts expert.

The new faux-Karate Kid? Middle-school. Will there be a middle-school girl? Will there be a clique that all goes to a crooked teacher that teaches false Martial Arts?

Who knows and who cares. It’s not set within the correct age group. It’s just not realistic.

Now, I’m not one to pre-judge a movie unless I am well educated about the content of the film, and I am not falting them for wanting to remake this amazing movie for a new generation. Call it Kung-Fu Kid, call it Karate Kid: The Next Generation, anything but The Karate Kid. Let’s not try and replace the original film with something new and flashy.

America deserves better than this. America thought better than “The Next Karate Kid” and they should think better than this film.

The Karate Kid – Great Mr. Miyagi Quotes and Conversations

Mr. MiyagiOne of the greatest motion pictures in the history of film, if not the greatest. Growing up, this movie had a lot to do with who I am today. I connected with Daniel on a level that only one friend of mine that I know of, also did. We both took the same lessons from the film. Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel the importance of having friends, knowing himself, and going out to dances. Of experiencing life. Of knowing what is actually worth fighting for, and when it is the right time to fight. About love and hate, acceptance and revenge. On doing what needs to be done, even when it doesn’t seem like it should be done at the time.

Daniel: Hey – you ever get into fights when you were a kid?
Miyagi: Huh – plenty.
Daniel: Yeah, but it wasn’t like the problem I have, right?
Miyagi: Why? Fighting fighting. Same same.
Daniel: Yeah, but you knew karate.
Miyagi: Someone always know more.
Daniel: You mean there were times when you were scared to fight?
Miyagi: Always scare. Miyagi hate fighting.
Daniel: Yeah, but you like karate.
Miyagi: So?
Daniel: So, karate’s fighting. You train to fight.
Miyagi: That what you think?
Daniel: [pondering] No.
Miyagi: Then why train?
Daniel: [thinks] So I won’t have to fight.
Miyagi: [laughs] Miyagi have hope for you.

Miyagi: Your friend, all karate student, eh?
Daniel: Friend? Oh, yeah, those guys.
Miyagi: Problem: attitude.
Daniel: No the problem is, I’m getting my ass kicked every other day, that’s the problem.
Miyagi: Hai, because boys have bad attitude. Karate for defense only.
Daniel: That’s not what these guys are taught.
Miyagi: Hai — can see. No such thing a bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do.
Daniel: Oh, great, that solves everything for me. I’ll just go down to the school and straighten it out with the teacher, no problem.
Miyagi: Now use head for something other than target.

[Miyagi karate-chops the tops off three beer bottles]
Daniel: How did you do that? How did you do that?
Miyagi: Don’t know. First time.

Miyagi: We make sacred pact. I promise teach karate to you, you promise learn. I say, you do, no questions.

Miyagi: Oh, Daniel-san, you too much by self, not good.
Daniel: I’m not by myself, I’m with you.
Miyagi: To make honey, young bee need young flower…not old prune.