Patience and Impatience

Sometimes we do things because we feel the need for companionship, when really it could be any number of things. Perhaps it’s a longing you feel to be near God.. perhaps you need someone to talk to.. perhaps you need a friend to laugh with, to play a game with, or to just be a goof with.. it could be anything. Maybe you want to go to Meijer for a midnight run and buy a Sobe, a pack of Baseball cards, and some chewing gum.. or gummies. Who knows? But either way, yes, a lot of times there can be frustration with impatience. Just have to strive for the patience that you need, because God will show you the way when you least expect it. God is the only one that won’t leave you high and dry, and will ALWAYS be there to lean on and to trust. Granted, we have friends that are willing to do anything for us, but even our friends can let us down. No one loves you the way He does.

On Patience

The world to day is very now. Give me this information, NOW. I want this NOW, I need that NOW. Patience is something that I struggle with sometimes. When it comes to certain things, I get in a mode where I will stop at nothing to have it.

And there are other things, more fragile, delicate things, that I have a yearning for, a desire for, but I need to find the balance. I need to have the patience to wait. You may think I’m talking about one thing, but you’d be wrong. Patience in that area is very easy. Patience is very trying.

When you don’t know what to talk about or what to say, patience leaves you to your thoughts. That can be a very scary thing, or a very soothing thing. And getting mixed signals, and you don’t know what they mean. Are they little tests? Are you failing each one? Are you making yourself look a fool?

Only fools rush in. I want to have the strength to be patient. But I also want to know how patient I need to be. The problem comes in knowing. What do I know and not know. Why is it so hard to ask and find out? Because of inopportune moments. Time. Because of the risks that may be associated with it. Because you are putting the other person in complete control of your feelings and emotions. You like where things are at, and don’t want that to become spoiled.

You, however, like where things are at so much, that you would like to experience more of that. That for every one moment you want another, and every moment spent makes you long for more. You see possibilities, but that scares you.

You just need to know a few things, and perhaps you can move forward.

Perhaps now is not the time, but soon may be.

Where am I going with this? Who is this for? What am I eluding to? Well, I know, and a few people that read this will know. Perhaps it is for one of those people to read. Perhaps it’s to help them to feel that they are not the only ones with these feelings. Perhaps it’s to help someone realize that they need to have a little patience.

Maybe it’s for me.