Patience and Impatience

Sometimes we do things because we feel the need for companionship, when really it could be any number of things. Perhaps it’s a longing you feel to be near God.. perhaps you need someone to talk to.. perhaps you need a friend to laugh with, to play a game with, or to just be a goof with.. it could be anything. Maybe you want to go to Meijer for a midnight run and buy a Sobe, a pack of Baseball cards, and some chewing gum.. or gummies. Who knows? But either way, yes, a lot of times there can be frustration with impatience. Just have to strive for the patience that you need, because God will show you the way when you least expect it. God is the only one that won’t leave you high and dry, and will ALWAYS be there to lean on and to trust. Granted, we have friends that are willing to do anything for us, but even our friends can let us down. No one loves you the way He does.

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