Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 Cancelled, Sony to Reboot Franchise: Boo!

There are good ideas… there are plain, non-consequential ideas… then  and then there are bad ideas.  This doesn’t fall on that chart.  This is off the charts.  And I don’t mean that in a positive light.  Sony has decided to dump the series that brought the superhero genre into the mainstream, and start from scratch.  It’s not like Raimi failed at his job.  He had the old gang getting back together for Spider-Man 4, and even John Malkovich was getting ready to join the cast.  It seemed to be returning to the more simple formula of Spider-Man 2 (my favorite of the franchise).  But here comes Sony, dashing those hopes with a single jesture, and causing tons of negative feedback all over the place.

Just look at the response to the story at comingsoon.net to see what I’m talking about.  At the time of this writing, it was already 4 pages of Sony hate.

I have one question for Sony: was Ken Kutaragi really as crazy as the lines he said, or is everyone at Sony just as bad?
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E3 2009: Nintendo News and a bit more (Part 2)

Yesterday I wrote a bit about how I was disappointed with the lack of an announcement for three properties. I had completely forgotten about Pikmin 3, but was reminded about it as Shigeru Miyamoto expressed his sadness that the game was not available to be revealed at this E3. Another game that I mentioned was Zelda.  Miyamoto came through there as well, saying that his team is working very hard on the new Zelda game, and he even brought a painting that represented the game, to show the press there. That’s one of the three. As for Kid Icarus and Donkey Kong? There’s no real mention of Donkey Kong outside of the next Mario vs. Donkey Kong for DS. Kid Icarus, however, has been mentioned in a few articles as people are expecting it will happen one of these days.

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Sony to release Ghostbusters: The Video Game Exclusively on Sony in Europe

Ghostbusters The Video GameSony has done it again, and made me happy that I have never owned a Playstation. In short, just so that everything is clear:

In NTSC regions such as the United States, Atari is handling distribution of the game, and it WILL be released on time on ALL consoles on June 16th.

In PAL regions such as the United Kingdom, Sony is handling distribution of the game and ONLY releasing it on PS3, PS2 and PSP on June 19th, and Wii, DS and 360 in Fall 2009.

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Ghostbusters Blu-ray Cover Art and Special Features

Ghostbusters Blu-ray Cover Art

Ghostbusters Blu-ray Cover Art

Personally, I never really liked the green slime art of the Ghostbusters DVDs that were released a few years ago. I love the original box art with the logo on black, as well as the sequel art with the Ghostbusters in front of the logo and the red stripe around the outside. The original DVD cover art wasn’t all that bad either, though a little too busy. I think that this blue slime is a lot nicer looking than the green slime was. For one thing, the green slime seemed to overtake the logo, and drew attention to itself far too much. The blue color of this cover focuses your eyes on the logo, as the red seems to pop out much nicer, and it’s a lot kinder to your eyes.

The Press Release follows:

America’s favorite paranormal psychologists are back to save the world, this time with unsurpassed picture and audio quality and advanced new bonus features in the Ghostbusters Blu-ray Disc, releasing worldwide the week of June 16, 2009.

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