Disney Remaking Flight of the Navigator!

Flight of the NavigatorWow… this is something that I actually saw coming at some point in the near future, and it’s one that I’m actually happy about. I was a pretty big fan of the original version of the film, but I always thought it was too short, and they didn’t really get into the story as much as I would have liked. I wanted to see more than they offered, which is probably part of why I watched it more than a few times.

Now, Disney is planning a remake of the film:

Brad Copeland is writing the remake, which is being produced by Mandeville partners David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman.

The 1986 original told the story of a 12-year-old boy who is abducted by an alien spacecraft in 1978 and reappears eight years later, still the same age and with no memory of what happened. NASA scientists discover a connection between the boy and a downed spacecraft and try to exploit the boy, who ultimately escapes with the ship and attempts to reunite with his family.

The movie grossed only $17 million when it was released but was later rediscovered on VHS, becoming a cult hit.

John Hyde, who executive produced the first one, steps into the same role for the new version.

Mandeville’s senior vp Albert Page will help oversee development and exec produce. Kristin Burr is overseeing for Disney.

Copeland, repped by UTA, wrote “Wild Hogs” for Disney and is writing “Nightcrawlers” at Warners. He cut his teeth in the TV world, where he acted as writer-producer on “Arrested Development” and recently as writer and consulting producer on “My Name is Earl.”

Aykroyd talks more Ghostbusters 3, Video Game

The Ghostbusters in 1984I’ve read some really interesting things just now about both Ghostbusters 3 and Ghostbusters: The Video Game. I wanted to bring some things to light that might have been missed, which I feel are worth repeating, as well as highlighting:

Even [Bill] Murray returned – not with a hatful of diva demands, but wanting an assurance that Winston Zeddemore, the underwritten black character from the movies, would be elevated to full status.

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Scrubs – Season 9! Now Officially Announced

ScrubsI was expecting this to happen, and am very hopeful for a brilliant start to a new chapter in the world of Scrubs.  The chapter featuring Dr. John Dorian’s first 8 years, from intern to resident has come to a close, and now it’s time for a new chapter.

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E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial – Sequel?

gertieIt’s been 27 years since the film E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial was released in theatres. In 2002 it had a re-release featuring newly added scenes that were shot all that long ago, but didn’t make it into the final film due to technology limitations.

Now it appears that E.T. 2 is secretly in the planning stages. What could this be about? Apparently Steven Spielberg has an idea. I trust him, because he’s the man behind the original film. According to a source, “Steven and Drew are being very secretive about this baby. But they want to do this project and work together. Steven has an incredible story in mind for the sequel that will bring E.T. back to earth.”

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Scrubs: Season 8 – The Final Season?

Scrubs - My FinaleI just watched the last episode of the season of Scrubs.  I think that was the perfect way to end the series. The episode was full of laughs, tears and a range of emotion, and in the typical fashion of the show, a lesson to learn. You’d think that after eight seasons they’d run out of lessons to teach, but it seems they were saving one for the end of the show as we know it.

I started watching the show with the first episode of season 4. I had seen a few commercials for it, and it looked like something that at its’ worst would make me laugh a little bit. It became one of my favorite shows from the first few minutes of that episode. I started watching it weekly to see if it was consistent. I also started scouring the internet frantically looking for episodes from the first three seasons. It wasn’t available on DVD yet so, yes, I downloaded them. I now own every season on DVD and plan on purchasing season eight when it is available. I’ve been a big fan ever since.

I couldn’t have asked for a better season finale, nor a better season to end the show with. It was top notch for 18 straight episodes.

The question remains: will there be a season nine? After a finale like that, if it ends there, I’m satisfied with it. If it does go on, I do hope the writing team sticks with it, as they seem to be at the top of their game again. The seventh season, while a good season (there wasn’t a bad one, really), didn’t have the memorable episodes save for a few. The new interns are excellent, and if season nine does happen, I look forward to sharing in their adventures.

I would go on, but it’s nearly 2:30am and I need some sleep, so I’ll end this with the final words of the episode: Good night.

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