The Journey to Finding God’s Will

I wrote this for my friend Amy in her Xanga, but thought I should also post it here.

The Journey to God and finding His Will for your life begins with you. I recently heard something that I feel can help you find out where God wants you to be. What are your talents, your gifts that God has graced you with? List all of those. Then ask yourself what you love to do, what is it that brings you joy, like pure, absolute joy. The kind of fun that you know God is showing you and blessing you with. Write those down. Now take a look at that list, and write down all of the things that you could do to acheive a melody of both. The music that the talents and joys will bring is magnificent indeed, as it becomes clearer and the harmony mixes together and molds itself in layers that, when separate, were played very beautifully, almost like you don’t want to hear them mixed with another sound. But when they are mingled together, they create something so beautiful and profound that you cannot stop listening. Then you go in that direction.

“I’m getting into You, because You got to me in a way words can’t describe.
I’m getting into You, because I’ve got to be. You’re essential to survive.
I’m going to love You with my life.”

He said “I love you and that’s what you are getting yourself into”

-Relient K, Getting into You

Nothing can change Your love
It’s mine forever
Nothing can steal my heart
It’s Yours forever

Touched by Your hand of grace
My heart is won, my heart is won
and Angels did celebrate
Just for this One

We’ll be the best of friends forever
and I’ll die to live with You forever
Nothing in this world could ever keep me
from loving You forever, forever here with You

-Sarah Kelly, Forever

Just set aside five minutes every day at the exact same time. Say, right when you wake up, no matter what, the first thing you do is look at the clock or set an alarm of some type, for 5 minutes. Pick up your Bible, and open it up and read it. Meditate on it. Perhaps use this site:
You can pick up the “One Bread, One Body” books at most Churches. They are meditations on the daily readings. The more you do this, the more clearly you’ll be able to hear God’s voice calling you. It may not be like Moses’ Burning Bush, but God still talks to people like that. The trick is to listen. He won’t put you where you’ll be unhappy. That’s what faith is. And that’s why faith is so beautiful.

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