The X-Files – Episode 3×11 Revelations

SCULLY: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been six years
since my last confession, and since then I’ve drifted away from the
church. I’m not sure why exactly.

PRIEST: Have you come to confess?

SCULLY: No, um, there’s a man that I work with – a friend – and
usually I’m able to discuss these things with him … but not this.
Father, do you believe in miracles?

PRIEST: Of course, I see them every day … the rising sun,
the birth of a child …

SCULLY: No, I’m talking about events that defy explanation. Things
that … I believe helped me to save a young boy’s life. But now I
wonder if I saw them at all. If I didn’t just imagine them.

PRIEST: Why do you doubt yourself?

SCULLY: Because my partner didn’t see them. He didn’t … he didn’t
believe them. And usually he … he believes without question.

PRIEST: Maybe they weren’t meant for him to see.
Maybe they were only meant for you.

SCULLY: Is that possible?

PRIEST: With the Lord, anything is possible. Perhaps you saw
these things because you needed to.

SCULLY: To find my way back?

PRIEST: Sometimes we must come full circle to find the truth.
(Scully looks up at the priest) Why does that surprise you?

SCULLY: Mostly, it just makes me afraid.

PRIEST: Afraid?

SCULLY: Afraid that God is speaking … but that no one’s listening.

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