Another Scrubs Moment

 Scrubs 206 My Big Brother

Dr. Cox walks through. He passes Turk, who is waiting for an elevator.

Dr. Cox: [whistles] Let’s go, field trip.

Turk: I got things to do, you know.

Still, he follows Dr. Cox.

Dr. Cox: Let me guess, you’re off to another funeral. I’ll make you a deal — you come with me right now, and if you’re still late for the graveyard, I will personally scour the obituaries with you this weekend and you can just go nuts!

Turk: Carla put you up to this?

Dr. Cox: No, it was my idea. I desperately want to be close with you, I just can’t figure out how to connect. Turn around.

Turk gives him a look.

Dr. Cox: [firm] Turn around.

Turk does turn around, and the two look into the observation window of a patient in the I.C.U.

The family is gathered around the bed as Dr. Wen speaks to them.

Dr. Cox: You see Dr. Wen in there? He’s explaining to that family that something went wrong and that the patient died. He’s gonna tell them what happened, he’s gonna say he’s sorry, and then he’s going back to work. You think anybody else in that room is going back to work today?

That is why we distance ourselves, that’s why we make jokes. We don’t do it because it’s fun — we do it so we can get by…and sometimes because it’s fun. But mostly it’s the getting by thing.

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