Conan O’Brien’s Flaming C on Young Justice?

Conan O'Brien's Flaming C on Young Justice?I just saw a sketch on Conan that featured a clip from the upcoming series Young Justice featuring Conan’s superhero character The Flaming C.  Suddenly I saw a lot of traffic from search engines and people are looking for the footage.  Welcome, fellow Conan fans!

I loved seeing that clip as a fan of both Conan and Young Justice.  However, I have seen the episode that the clip was taken from, and the character that they animated The Flaming C on top of is Superman or Batman (I can’t remember which, but he has Batman’s voice).  It was great seeing Conan’s character on the show, however, and I do hope that they keep pumping out the clips.  It was definitely animated by the studio, though, and looked spectacular and authentic.  I’m hopeful that they actually do a cameo, but I’m not sure of the legal implications of that.  Because Conan owns his show, it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a deal with Warner Brothers to make it happen.

Clip after the break.

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Conan O'Brien's Flaming C on Young Justice?


  1. Why is there a picture of Conan O’Brien on this website? or is it you?(like to the right)
    And are you the maker of

    • Hello Nora,

      No, I’m not the maker of In fact, I have had this domain for nearly ten years now, and had the nickname for much of the time. It was really strange to me, when I started seeing stuff about another guy going by that.

      The simple facts are these: I had this domain / nickname long ago, I’m a big fan of Conan O’Brien and I love entertainment. The typepad blog and subsequent digital magazine are both separate from what I started many years ago.

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