My 10 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials for 2011

Okay, so this year’s commercials were pretty underwhelming overall. However, there were a number of movies that I am really excited about that had commercials.

My 10 Favorite Super Bowl Commercials for 2011
#1: Transformers: Dark of the Moon – I’ll start with the movie that I am most excited to see. I will make no apologies for being a fan of Transformers. I will probably always be excited for another Transformers movie. This commercial didn’t have any dialogue, but showed a lot of action and an entire city under siege. I saw someone comment that it looked like “more of the same story” from the first two movies. Technically not true. A battle in the city was done in the first film, but that was to get the cube. The second one had a villain trying to destroy the sun. This one seems to feature a Decepticon invasion. Of course all of them have the same purpose, because the Decepticons have only one goal: victory.

#2: Super 8 – J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg have created what I hope is the start of a return to the Amblin style of film-making. I love this kind of movie, and can’t wait to see it.

#3: Cowboys & Aliens – Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in a film directed by Jon Favreau, director of Iron Man 1 and 2. I was skeptical myself until I watched the full trailer. This commercial just solidifies it in my mind. It looks like it’ll be one of the most fun movies this summer.

#4 and 5: Thor and Captain America – I have to write about these together, because I’m looking forward to both equally as much, so this is pretty much a tie. I loved the epic feel of the Thor commercial, but the Captain America trailer seemed lacking next to it. However, the Captain America trailer did manage to tell the entire origin of Cap within 30 seconds, and that’s definitely something. Plus, it serves as a great introduction to the character.

#6: Terra Nova – This is the next tv series that I am looking forward to. This could be my next Lost or Heroes. It’s definitely got the pull, for me: I love dinosaurs. The commercial aired just after the Super Bowl ended, if I am not mistaken. Either way, I’m really excited for this series to start, and hope it isn’t a let down.

#7 – Volkswagon Commercial: The Force – This isn’t a movie, but it is based on one of my favorite properties: Star Wars.

#8 – Coca-Cola: Siege – This commercial was awesome, and great to watch without knowing what product it was for until about half way though. Unfortunately that isn’t possible with the title right in the video box. It’s an epic commercial that tells a story pretty quickly.

#9 – Doritos: House Sitting – This commercial started with a very simple concept, and just kept escalating the story. It was very unexpected and goes where you don’t expect.

#10 – CareerBuilder: Parking Lot – This one was funny. It’s not terribly memorable, nor does it say anything about the company that it is advertising, but many commercials on the Super Bowl are more about getting good laughs and viral marketing after the game, than they are about explaining the company.

Missing the top-ten list: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Why? Because when the commercial was on, I felt it was the exact same thing as I’d seen before with the full theatrical trailer. If they include Jack Sparrow’s scream in every trailer, it’s going to kill it in the movie, if it hasn’t already.

And there you have it, my favorite ten Super Bowl commercials. I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did. I’ll be back to writing new original stories soon.

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