My Most Anticipated Movies of May 2009: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Terminator Salvation, Night at the Museum 2, Up

This is the start of the summer movie season, and it begins today with the origin of Wolverine. This month also features a couple of sequels that many would probably consider to be unnecessary: Terminator Salvation and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. The month ends with the next potential masterpiece by Pixar: Up.

x_men_origins_wolverine2X-Men Origins: Wolverine
(May 1, 2009)

This is finally going to tell the full story of Wolverine, and even includes portions of the official origin story of Wolverine that was released about 8 or so years ago. It went under the title “Origin” and needed no introduction to what it was about. I have high hopes for this one, as it’s the first X-Men movie in a few years.

Based on the current trailers, it features some of the story from the Origin comic book series. However, it doesn’t appear that his cousin Rose is a part of it. I can sort of see why, though, as she would have been another character to establish in a movie that is already loaded with characters. She’s a pretty important character in the comic book version, though, and I really wish this was a straight up adaptation of that story.

One thing I’m interested in seeing is if they use any of the plot devices of the Origin storyline. There were some really great ones that helped explain the way that Wolverine turned out the way that he did.

A work-print of this movie hit the internet on April 1st, and I have not, nor will I ever download it. It was even reviewed. One thing is certain, however: This is now perhaps the most talked about movie releasing soon. I hope that the knowledge spreads so that it does make a ton of money when it opens. I just wish that it hadn’t leaked.

Terminator SalvationTerminator Salvation
(May 21, 2009)

I was late to the fandom of the Terminator series, having first seen the first couple of movies just prior to seeing Terminator 3 in theatres. I really like the soundtrack, and the second two films were really interesting. Yes, I liked the third one. I thought it was a great and highly entertaining movie. So with the plan for a new trilogy, we’ll see how it goes. I’m kinda worried about this one, that it won’t be as relatable as the other films in the series. The setting of the movie being after Judgement Day puts it into a new stage of storytelling, but I don’t know if that’s going to be enough. Time will tell!

But from the early trailer, it’s looking pretty exciting and like it could very well be a winner!

Night at the Museum: Battle of the SmithsonianNight at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
(May 22, 2009)

I’m probably in the minority on this one, based on the response on many websites that I read, but I’m really looking forward to this film. I was surprised by the first one, and liked it a lot. This one looks like it’ll be pretty fun, but there are a few parts of the trailer that I don’t quite understand in the context of the rules set by the first film.

However, if the film is at least as good as the first one, and has the same heart, then I am sure to enjoy it. It’s looking more and more like it’ll be more of an extension of the first film, but hopefully I am not being foolish.

(May 29, 2009)

Pixar is brilliant, and they have yet to make a movie to completely disappoint me. The only one that I haven’t really cared for that much is A Bug’s Life, but that’s primarily because of the circus sequence and bugs. Quite literally all of the rest are nothing short of brilliant films that are both timeless and appealing to people of all ages.

When it comes to the film Up, it’s looking like another winner for them, and a potential best picture nomination. This one deals with aging and loss, and from some of the pre-production artwork that I’ve seen (it was on display at Walt Disney World) it’s bound to be a brilliant and heart-warming film. An early screening of about 45 minutes of it, that I read about, left the audience wanting more, and that was with completely unfinished animation as well as storyboards. Needless to say, I’m absolutely psyched to see it!

You may have noticed the lack of Star Trek on this list. Why? Well, as someone that’s never really seen much Star Trek, I don’t know what to expect from it. I’ve been told by someone in the know that I’d like it (he was on set for the entire shoot). I will have to wait and see. Needless to say, these lists are my most anticipated movies of the month, not the most anticipated movies of the month. We’ll see how it does.

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