Never Alone

I wrote this message for my friend Nick. I felt I would post it here, not for the responses it could get, but for those that may need to read it. I dunno, here you go, out of context and in it’s full glory:

Hey man.. I’m going to tell you something: I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have thought the EXACT same things before. But I always come back to the same place. I saw a vision once…a vision of splendor…what couldn’t possibly be anything more than a glimpse of the glory of God. The vast amounts of love that I felt surrounding and surging through me, burning through me, in that instant, showed me that there is nothing to fear.. and yet, fear I do, sometimes. Because the vastness of forever is enormous. But then I think about forever and I realize that right now, this moment, is forever. We just labelled it with a moment, or a date or a time. Those that have come and gone before us, the saints, those that are in heaven, they’ve all been here before, too. We’re all in the same boat, though, brother, and we’ll all go through the same thing. All we can do, is live for the moment, because in a few seconds, things change forever. A look from a person. A chance meeting. An answered prayer. A smile from a stranger. A smile from a friend. A hug. Love. Love is also a sight unseen. It can be felt, and when you love something so much that you’re willing to fight to all the ends for it, you are experiencing the unconditional love of God, a taste of why you were created. To love. To fight for His name, as He fights for you. Man is Everlasting. We were given a very special gift. The very thing that allows us to know God’s majesty and infinite goodness. The ability to love one another, unselfishly and to use that to do something incredible. To create life. This is a very powerful and mighty gift that He’s placed in our hands. It is in this expression that we glorify His name and His love for us. When I think of heaven, now, I think of a nice park, where people are throwing frisbees, and footballs, and running, and playing, and sitting, and talking, and smiling, and laughing. People from all walks of life, all getting to know one another, and basking in the splendor of God’s love in a paradise that is perfect and free from sin. Families and friends are reunited. People have fashioned instruments from the trees there, and sing with the angels. The air is warm with a cool breeze, and truly it is Eden restored…for Eden was created for us, and while we failed the first time, this time there is no chance for that…for Heaven is without temptation toward evil.

You are not alone, my brother!

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