My Most Anticipated Films of 2017

This list was written a while ago, but I wanted to wait until I’d posted my best of 2016 list to post this. That said, I’m still not done watching the movies from that list, so I won’t be posting it yet. I did want to post this one, though. I’ve already seen one movie from this list, and I have to say, I should have placed it higher on the list. Split has just bumped the next Shyamalan film up higher on my list for the year it is coming out.

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi – By far, my most anticipated movie follows up 2015’s The Force Awakens with the further adventures of Rey and Finn. Picking up from where we left off, Luke Skywalker joins the journey and our heroes take off on a new adventure as the First Order regroups and the Resistance continues in their efforts to bring them down.
  2. Look to the Sky – Brett Culp’s long awaited follow-up to 2013’s Legends of the Knight. This time it is a film about hope, centering on the character of Superman.
  3. A Voice that Carries – Another Brett Culp helmed documentary, this one about the relationship between father and daughter.
  4. Cleanin’ Up the Town: Remembering Ghostbusters – A pair of feature length documentaries, one about Ghostbusters and the other about Ghostbusters II. I’ve been following the production of these documentaries for what seems like about 10 years now. They are getting closer to release. They may not make a 2017 release date, but they’re definitely on their way toward a release very soon.
  5. Justice League – I’m pretty excited for DC to finally have their Avengers movie. The cast is excellent, with everyone looking the part, and it’s about time all of these characters get together. Wonder Woman was one of the highlights of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and she could maintain that status here.
  6. Wonder Woman – Finally getting her own major motion picture, the setting kind of reminds me of Captain America: The First Avenger, though with settings in WWI rather than WWII. I hope that it’s great.
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – The sequel looks just as weird and catchy as the original. Baby Groot looks fantastic. Can’t wait to hear the soundtrack and hope that the film has as much heart as the first.
  8. Transformers: The Last Knight – Michael Bay’s (final?) Transformers film looks like more of the same. I liked the first and third TF films best, the fourth was alright, and the second as well… I’m hopeful for another great one. My one question: will they ever make a Transformers movie that isn’t lead entirely by the humans in the cast?
  9. Beauty and the Beast – The one major problem I have with this film is Emma Watson. So far, we haven’t seen her smile much at all in the trailers. I’m really looking forward to the music in this, and hopeful that, with the same composers working on this that worked on the 1991 original, they have recaptured the magic. From the music in the trailers, it seems like they have with the opening of the film at least. Slightly less annoying is the voice of Lumiere. It sounds like someone forcing a voice and accent, rather than using a voice that they use when they natually speak.
  10. Cars 3 – Lightning McQueen’s journey appears to be coming to a close with the third film in the series. I’m hoping for a return to form. The second film was very much a spy thriller with a fish out of water story that could have had more heart if they only work-shopped Mater’s role in the story a bit more. This time, McQueen appears to be the primary character once again, as he deals with being the older racecar in a field of new cars.
  11. Score – A documentary about film scores. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. Hope to see it sometime this year.
  12. Disneynature’s Born in China – Pushed from 2016 to Earth Day 2017. I love the Disneynature films that I’ve seen, and can’t wait for this one.
  13. Spider-Man: Homecoming – I still wish they had made Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. I also wish they would have made The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Alas, neither was to be, and now here we are, 15 years after Spider-Man took the world by storm, we’re getting our sixth film featuring our third Peter Parker. Looks fun, and I hear it’s like a John Hughes movie. I like that prospect.
  14. My Little Pony: The Movie – My wife and I have watched this show for the last few years, and there’s no way she’s going to want to miss this one.
  15. Thor: Ragnarok – Been waiting for this one since Thor: The Dark World, to find out what has actually happened with Loki. Plus, this one looks like it includes Hulk and Doctor Strange.
  16. Coco – Pixar’s second film release of the year is also an original film. I haven’t read too much about this one, but I’m always up for a Pixar.
  17. Jumanji – Is this a reboot? A sequel? A remake? I have no idea, but it looks like a unique spin as we might be heading into the Jumanji game, rather than having the game invading our world.
  18. Logan – The final Wolverine film. It also features Professor X and X-23. This could also be Hugh Jackman’s final time playing the role he originated in 2000’s X-Men. (Amazingly, Dougray Scott was up for the role, back in the day, but filming on Mission: Impossible 2 ran over, creating a schedule conflict and they had to replace him with Hugh Jackman for the role that he went on to play over 18 years.)
  19. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – I like these movies. We’ll see, though. They need to capture the fun of the original film.
  20. The Lego Batman Movie – Will this be as good as the surprisingly great Lego Movie? I hope so. If not, at least it’ll be funny.
  21. Power Rangers – Could be great. Could be terrible. The cast will make or break this one.
  22. Smurfs: The Lost Village – After two live-action mixed Smurfs films, it’s about time they make one that is actually true to the original animated series in style and setting. This looks like it could be the Smurfs movie that should have been made first.
  23. A Dog’s Purpose – My wife wants to see this one for the dogs.
  24. Split – I love M. Night Shyamalan’s films. And I understand that this and his last film are both a return to form for the director. That said, I am kind of scared of seeing his latest movies. I’m not a fan of scary movies, and the subject matter of this one is kind of terrifying.
  25. Dunkirk – Christopher Nolan is hit or miss for me. I like all of his Batman movies and Inception. The Prestige is alright. Interstellar and Insomnia are both insufferable. Where will this fit in? Will it?
  26. The Dark Tower – We’ll see if I make it to this one. I could go either way.

New Purpose for This Blog

As you can probably tell, this blog hadn’t been updated in well over a year. That is about to change.

I’ve decided to start writing about entertainment.

I will inject a few personal things from time to time. Perhaps some religion, perhaps some politics, but for the most part it’ll be all video games, movies, tv, DVD and the like.

I’ve been wanting a place like this to have as an outlet for writing about my interests for some time now, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with people in the months to come. A lot of things have happened in the last year or so, and I’m hoping to write about some stories that have, perhaps, been written about to death, but simply because I am interested in those topics.

Look for new topics on Star Wars, Ghostbusters and more very shortly.

Star Wars: The Inspiration of my Love of Star Wars, and thoughts on Episode III

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the SithTime for a general entry. Not to say that this will be a boring entry by any means. I was having a conversation with my friend Deb, when I realized something simple, yet profound.

I know what it is about Star Wars that made me like it more, and makes me love it. My mom once told me that my Grandpa loved Star Wars, and loved talking about the spiritual elements of the films, and how much fun it would have been, talking to him about the new ones. She also said that he would have LOVED talking to me about the Lord of the Rings.

My Grandpa was a convert to the Catholic Church, a Father of nine, and the Doctor for a small town. He passed on when I was 12.

Somehow, I feel a connection to him, through Star Wars. I realize now, that is why I defend the prequels, and part of why I enjoy them. I look beyond the surface, of what people would consider a “bad” movie, to the things that I think my Grandpa and I would have talked about. We would have had some mighty good discussions about both of the new films.

Now with the third film coming out, people are scared that they’ll be let down, again. I’ve got no fears about this film. While Episode I is a flawed film, it’s not without its’ moments. The same goes for Episode II. I’ve felt they could have covered the material of Episodes I and II in film one, the clone wars in film two, and the third film to be, well, pretty much what it is: The purging of the Jedi, the rise of the Empire, and the birth of Darth Vader.

I’ve got here, two review samples. The first, is of the Novelization of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, by a man named LargeFarva, on

At least, in print, it does appear that the movie will tie together all of the plot threads successfully. The major issues most fans have speculated and dared Lucas to explain are included in the novelization, from Qui-Gon Jinn’s non-disappearance, to Kenobi’s claims that Yoda was his master. There is even strong evidence that a few characters in the original trilogy knew quite more than they let on, and with plenty good reason. Also, it is true that the first character to speak in the original trilogy has the last line of the prequels. Finally, after reading the epilogue, I’m finding it hard to continue laughing at Lucas’ claims that Sith is “a real tear-jerker”.

I’ve read the other novelizations and this is by FAR the best, the one we’ve been waiting for since the announcement of the prequels.

I’m predicting that most fans of the [Original Trilogy] will consider there to be four films-the [Original Trilogy] and Ep. 3 is the single prequel to them.

This is very promising news. Another review, is of the Screenplay, now available as an ebook, by Bill Hunt, Editor of

I have to tell you that I was awfully uneasy as I began reading the script. The first third of Revenge of the Sith feels very much like parts of The Phantom Menace… and I don’t mean the good parts. There’s a lot of Anakin and Obi Wan bantering back and fourth as they fight scores of battle droids, and the dialogue is pretty bad. BUT don’t despair, because once you get past this, the film gets a lot better. About a third of the way in, the Sith lord’s nefarious plot really starts unfolding… and it’s all dark and intense action from there on out. The script finishes well, setting up A New Hope beautifully. There are a couple of great surprises, and the plot threads all tie up nicely. You’re going to be left with a strong sense of “Wow… so THAT’S how it all happened.” I’ve heard from people who have seen most of the film that the action and visuals are astonishing – the best yet from Lucas. Add to that John William’s final score, which you KNOW is going to kick ass, and I think the vast majority of Star Wars fans will enjoy this film. If Lucas pulls it off, it’ll easily be the best of the three prequels. Whatever you think of them so far, there’s nothing like a strong finish. When I get the chance to SEE this film, you can be sure that I’ll post a review.

Both of those reviews sum up pretty much all I know about the movie, save for the footage I’ve seen in the trailers, commercials, and some of the music I’ve heard on the official site, And from what I know, we’re in for a real treat.

Go into this movie expecting it to be just what it was meant to be. Entertainment and the origin of Darth Vader. This is how it happened folks.

I’m not looking for comments on this post to talk about whether or not you’ve seen Star Wars, or if you think the prequels suck, or that this one will suck. Any comments like that will be deleted, no questions asked.

I want to give this last Star Wars film a shot at being a great film, and to expect anything less from it, would be contrary to what it very well could be. The third film of any trilogy should justify the first two. However, this film isn’t meant to end the story, it’s to set the stage for the beginning of the original trilogy, and to build the arc that puts Darth Vader right where he’s always been: the main character and centerpiece of all six Star Wars films. The Fall and Redemption of Anakin Skywalker. Redemption is the theme, folks, but redemption from what?

“Do what must be done, Lord Vader. Do not hesitate, show no mercy.”

We talk about forgiveness a lot, and it is one of the hardest things to ask for, and the hardest things to do for others. This story is about one man who fell, and for years walked a dark path, and finds forgiveness in people that weren’t even there when he fell. That is a testament of how we should live our lives for others. Forgiving everyone, everything, NOW! Not WASTING TIME holding onto hatred or anger. There’s just no point. Save the anger for true evils.

Patience and Impatience

Sometimes we do things because we feel the need for companionship, when really it could be any number of things. Perhaps it’s a longing you feel to be near God.. perhaps you need someone to talk to.. perhaps you need a friend to laugh with, to play a game with, or to just be a goof with.. it could be anything. Maybe you want to go to Meijer for a midnight run and buy a Sobe, a pack of Baseball cards, and some chewing gum.. or gummies. Who knows? But either way, yes, a lot of times there can be frustration with impatience. Just have to strive for the patience that you need, because God will show you the way when you least expect it. God is the only one that won’t leave you high and dry, and will ALWAYS be there to lean on and to trust. Granted, we have friends that are willing to do anything for us, but even our friends can let us down. No one loves you the way He does.

On Patience

The world to day is very now. Give me this information, NOW. I want this NOW, I need that NOW. Patience is something that I struggle with sometimes. When it comes to certain things, I get in a mode where I will stop at nothing to have it.

And there are other things, more fragile, delicate things, that I have a yearning for, a desire for, but I need to find the balance. I need to have the patience to wait. You may think I’m talking about one thing, but you’d be wrong. Patience in that area is very easy. Patience is very trying.

When you don’t know what to talk about or what to say, patience leaves you to your thoughts. That can be a very scary thing, or a very soothing thing. And getting mixed signals, and you don’t know what they mean. Are they little tests? Are you failing each one? Are you making yourself look a fool?

Only fools rush in. I want to have the strength to be patient. But I also want to know how patient I need to be. The problem comes in knowing. What do I know and not know. Why is it so hard to ask and find out? Because of inopportune moments. Time. Because of the risks that may be associated with it. Because you are putting the other person in complete control of your feelings and emotions. You like where things are at, and don’t want that to become spoiled.

You, however, like where things are at so much, that you would like to experience more of that. That for every one moment you want another, and every moment spent makes you long for more. You see possibilities, but that scares you.

You just need to know a few things, and perhaps you can move forward.

Perhaps now is not the time, but soon may be.

Where am I going with this? Who is this for? What am I eluding to? Well, I know, and a few people that read this will know. Perhaps it is for one of those people to read. Perhaps it’s to help them to feel that they are not the only ones with these feelings. Perhaps it’s to help someone realize that they need to have a little patience.

Maybe it’s for me.

About my Name

Paul: From the Roman family name Paulus, which meant “small” or “humble” in Latin.

Michael: From the Hebrew name Miyka’el which meant “who is like God?”. This was the name of one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven’s armies, and thus is considered the patron saint of soldiers. “Who is like God?” is St. Michael’s battle cry!

Martin: Warlike. Origin is Latin.

Therefore: I am a humble soldier of God.