The Cliffs of Moher Adventure

Today started out very early with a 5:30 rise to venture out on our railtour to the Cliffs of Moher. Down in the lobby we met some crazy Irish fellows. One of them swore a lot and when we told him where we were going, he said that he lives about a half hour from there and he’s never been there in his life.

We thought we were going to be late to our meeting place for the tour so after we got into Dublin proper, we ran over and caught a Taxi. The driver told us to be careful at the Cliffs, and not to try to be superman because we want to return talking about it, and “not in a box.” He said the cliffs were very windy, much more windy than Dublin, and a sudden gust would take you right off. Said they’d lost about 14 tourists a few months ago. He also said that the cliffs would really blow us away, “no pun intended.”

When we got to Heuston Station, we just made it on time to check in and we met a pair from Germany, and one from Spain. On the train they let us try real German Black Bread and from the Spanish couple, a part of what tasted much like a salami sandwich. The German Black Bread wasn’t the best, but I did enjoy the sandwich.

We then went on to see a Castle, a very cool castle owned by the O’Brien’s as all of the castles in that area are. We got to climb around and into the towers and see tables (and sit at them) that were still in prime condition at a young 500 years old. I’ll type more about that later as there is much to tell.

Next were the Cliffs of Moher. It was pouring rain and very windy, but we climbed the stairs to see them anyway, and on the other side, in the distance, we saw a castle. So we went up to the castle and filmed our own version of the Conan O’Brien trip to Ireland. If you haven’t seen that video, you must find it. It’s hilarious.

After that we went around the shores of the Atlantic, and then on to another town and back to Dublin via a 3 hour train ride. There were many sheep, horses and cows all along the way. It was most excellent and very green. There is a lot of development happening here as well.

For meals we ate at some place quick with service, and finally at a McDonald’s…. didn’t know we had more time in the evening before the last bus back… so we compromised… a mistake we do not intend to make again.. Ah well… you live, you learn.

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