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Guest Blog by Courtney.

Today, on your day tour to the Cliffs of Moher, the people made almost as much an impact on me as actually seeing more of Ireland. The first was the run in with the actually Irish gentlemen. They were very informal in the way they spoke, and very open about drinking, sex, and language…something that I am not used to at all. Most of all, I am surprised at how hard it is to understand many dialects of Irish accent. Most people say how much they love the sound of an Irish accent, but when you actually try to hold a conversation, it makes it incredibly difficult despite only a few terminology differences.

Then, on our tour we met the nicest couples from Germany and Spain. Both were very open to getting to know us despite knowing only a little English, and us knowing only a little Spanish. Together we shared where we were from, our trips, and most surprisingly they shared with us samples of foods from their countries that they had brought with them. It was so awesome! I have never experienced such kindness and welcome from such different groups. We stuck together all throughout the tour and helped them when they could not understand our tour guide.

Overall, the scenery today was amazing…the real Ireland. Rolling green hills, fields of sheep, cows, and horses….and tiny towns with buildings with thatched roofs and crumbling remains of castles long unused. I really loved today. But just to warn all future Irish travelers: It is a long distance between destinations, and it takes hours by public transportation to get there. But, it is really worth it!

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