Back from Ireland

Well, we’re back from Ireland. Tired. And in need of a good rest. We’ve a retreat to help run this weekend and much sleep is required.

We started the day by taking the shuttle to Dublin Airport, and boarding the plane to Shannon, Ireland. There, we went through customs and re-boarded the plane to fly for about seven and a half hours to Chicago. At the Dublin Terminal, they said that NO amount of liquids would be allowed on the flight. Courtney and I both threw away our travel stuff that we found out later we COULD HAVE KEPT! That really made both of us angry. Why would they tell us one thing and then change that rule only moments later?

After the flight to Chicago, we looked for food and wound up going to a gas station and then a restaurant area over the toll roads. We finally got back to Grand Rapids around 9pm.

We’ll have a few awesome closing thoughts posts within the next few days. Stay tuned!

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