“What is this Madness?”

If you’ve read the previous entry about our absolutely incredible Hotel stay, you have some idea of what I’m talking about. Each day, when entering the bathroom, I would notice that the tissue was a bit disheveled. It looked like someone had accidentally taken a few too many tissues out of the box and tried shoving the rest back in.

After a few days of this, I noticed that the tissues were sticking straight up. I asked Courtney and Scott who had been doing this, and neither seemed to know what I was talking about. I went into the bathroom, grabbed the box and walked back out and showed them, shouting: “What is this Madness?!”

Turns out, that was their idea of “Decorative Tissues.” It was different every day, so we were always excited to see in what new formations the tissues would be found upon our arrival back at the hotel. I’m glad they cared enough to give us the very best.

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