Young Justice: Animated Series on Cartoon Network – Fall 2010

One of my favorite comic book series was Young Justice.  The team consisted primarily of Superboy, Robin and Impulse (who is now called Kid Flash in the comic world).  Other original members included Wonder Girl, Arrowette and Secret.  The team’s guardian was Red Tornado.  The membership of the team changed as time went on.  Characters code-names changed, members came and went, and the series came to an end in 2003 as many of the characters joined Teen Titans.

This fall on Cartoon Network, the series that I never thought would happen is coming.  This is likely thanks to there already being a Teen Titans cartoon, so they don’t cause confusion by having another one.

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Star Wars Prequel Reboot: Blog #2 – Fans of the Saga

For this entry, I’ve been inspired to talk about Star Wars fandom, and what that has become since the prequels.  I became a fan of Star Wars while in junior high, this was in the mid-1990s, a few years before the Special Editions would come out in theaters.  Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released in the spring of my senior year, just prior to my high school graduation.  Until that time, the only fan related Star Wars hate revolved around the Ewoks, whom I had no trouble with and still don’t.

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New Denver the Last Dinosaur TV Series and Movie in the works

Do you remember the cartoon series Denver the Last Dinosaur?  This was a show that I used to watch when I was younger, about a group of teenagers that found a dinosaur egg that hatched, and the dinosaur that came from it became their friend and they had many adventures with him.  The show was highly acclaimed as being a very educational series as well.

World Events Productions, the company that holds the rights to this and Voltron, as well as created this series is currently at work on a new series as well as a potential film version.  They’re doing the same with Voltron, with Voltron: Panthera Force (now under the production title: Voltron Force) premiering this fall, and a live-action movie in active development.  It should have come as no surprise that they would also be interested in exploring a rejuvenation of another one of their properties.  Especially considering that the original series was recommended by the National Education Association for its engaging, non-violent storylines.

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The Book Isn’t Always Better – Part 2: The Princess Bride

I haven’t written an article in this series since the fall of 2008.  But I’ve decided that it’s time to write the next entry in the series.  This time, about The Princess Bride.

This is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It is one of the few favorite films that I list off of the top of my head when asked.  Most people assume that it is based on a book, and that the book is what the grandfather reads in the film.  A little bit of research and you’ll find that those people are only half right.  It is based on a book of the same name, but the author, S. Morgenstern, doesn’t really exist.  William Goldman wrote the book, which was published in 1973.

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