I don’t want it to end!

Guest Post by Courtney.

Today was indeed our last day to see the hustle and bustle of Dublin, ride the wonderful and long public transportation, and see the rolling green hills. But, we did all of these! It was a long day, full of fun which taught me a few things…

1. Don’t rely on public transportation to make a fast and speedy trip

2. Check times of the attractions you want to see (again, refer to number one)

3. Try different Irish foods when you are here, it will be worth it whether you like it or not

4. Bring pain medication with you when you know you will be walking around for a long time and you might become stiff

5. Have Euros with you when going to small villages, they don’t take credit cards

6. Spend the night when you go to Glendalough, the three hours you have between buses is not enough

7. Irish hot chocolate is really good

8. During the Irish winter/rainy seasons, it will rain almost everyday

9. Even just wandering around with good friends in a new place is worth it, you will learn so much and see more than you imagined


10. I am sorry that I didn’t get to say good bye to Rachel in person. Things didn’t go as I would have exactly hoped yesterday or today, and I am sorry for that, but I really enjoyed seeing you again. Goodbye dear freind, may we see each other again soon…

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