Ghostbusters: The Other Side #1: Review

This week, the first issue in the new Ghostbusters comic book mini-series, Ghostbusters: The Other Side was released. It is being published by IDW.

You may be aware that there was another Ghostbusters comic book mini-series a few years ago, published by 88mph, called Ghostbusters: Legion. I enjoyed that series a lot. The art was really good, and the characters felt familiar even though they are different from both the film and the cartoon.

In the new series, the character designs have again been revamped. As you read though, you start to learn the reasoning for it all. The characters have progressed quite a bit since we last met them. For instance, Winston has a great new character developments that came as a surprise, and a pleasant one at that.

The Other Side #1 starts with the introduction of the antagonists for this miniseries: a group of gangster spirits. The story very quickly progresses, putting the ‘busters through the wringer and making the rest of the series a necessary purchase. How they’re going to get out of this one is beyond me.

It was a very shocking and entertaining first issue, with a pace that is unlike the films. One things for sure, though: I’m looking forward to the rest of the series to see where it goes from here.

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