Go Ireland!!! :-)

Guest Blog by Courtney.

Hello everybody, I am on vacation with the two guys that blogged before me here in Ireland! I got the idea to come to Ireland over my spring break from my friend studying abroad here. She suggested it, I thought about how much it cost for about a minute, and then decided that was not any question about it because I have not seen her in so long (she is here for an entire school year) and it is IRELAND! So, here I am 🙂

Since the other guys are writing about what we did, I will only touch on a few things. First, if you ever get a chance to go to Ireland, go. This county is so beautiful. So far I have only seen Dublin and Maynooth, but the architecture, culture, and climate is amazing. In two days it has rained on and off everyday, and I have seen three rainbows. Plus, they have palm trees here! The climate stays just warm and humid enough to support the growth of palm trees outside.

Next, see a bit of Dublin. While being a very international city, it has a lot of Irish history. In just walking around for a bit, you can see tons of shops, pubs, and monuments. Surprisingly, you can get food from all over the world. Anything from Traditional Italian, to McDonalds, Chinese food, or even (as we had) pizza cooked by people who were neither Italian nor Irish, but from some Mid-Eastern country. Temple Bar, O’Connel Street, and St. Stephen’s Green I highly recommend. I have not gotten to see much else, but we are planning on going back on Tuesday….

I will blog more about the trip later….internet is expensive here (20 Euro a day, or 8 Euro an hour), and we are running out of time.

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