Touristy Day

Guest Blog by Courtney.

Today we saw some awesome things, and got to spend more time with my friend. But the better part of the day was spent wandering around, just experiencing the pedestrian experience. It still amazes me that pedestrians just walk when they see the most opportune time, even almost right into cars and right in front of them. Today, I was almost run over by a bus-ish, van-ish looking vehicle.

We also bought souvenirs from Carroll’s, a line of stores that specialize in nothing but well to poorly made Irish souvenirs. I got stuff for everyone that I wanted to buy something for, and felt like a true tourist doing it.

Today, from hanging out in real Irish pubs, I learned that the pub atmosphere is, early in the day, a rather fun experience. I don’t drink, and didn’t get anything alcoholic to drink, but listening to live artists play music is awesome. Later at night, when they play loud music over a speaker system, it seems no different than what I have heard of many bars in America, loud and hard to just talk to someone. Yet, I enjoyed that people cannot smoke inside…so while I just sat around not doing anything, it was good clean air to breath.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the food I had. Going to the bagel restaurant was just like going to Subway, except with bagels! Then the crepes we got at the Half Moon Cafe were very good. For dinner I was disappointed that I didn’t get to have Irish stew because it was so expensive, but the Irish corned beef on soda bread was a fair trade off.

I just hope we can make the best of tomorrow at Wicklow Park.

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