Lost Season 2 Speculation

Alright. They’ve announced the titles of the first three episodes of Season 2 of Lost. Lost is currently my favorite show on television, so bear with me as I pull out the analyitical side of this blog, and talk about my theories as to what exactly is going to happen, based on the entirety of Season 1, and the mere titles of the episodes. Granted, I could be far off, as Lost is a very very twisting show, but we shall see. And beware, there are season ONE spoilers in here.

Episode One:
“Man of Science, Man of Faith” written by Damon Lindelof

Speculation: Jack is a doctor, the Man of Science. Locke is the Man of Faith. I believe that this episode will focus on the struggles between these two characters. Both are alpha males, but in many different ways.

Jack has no agenda, seemingly flying by the seat of his pants and rushing into things and making judgement calls on things without really thinking them through, most of the time. He makes many many assumptions and, while he believes he’s in the right most of the time, sometimes he’s wrong and ends up hurting more people than just himself. This is a character without real direction. All we know is that he’s a leader, and that he wants what is best for the people on the island.

Locke is a man of Faith. He’s a somewhat eccentric character that quietly became a favorite of fans of the show. He was paraplegic, but by a miracle he is now able to walk again. What I’d like to know is, what made him paraplegic? “Walkabout” was a great episode featuring him, that revealed this problem, and the next episode (that featured flashbacks of Locke) he could walk. This is a man that believes that they are all there for a reason, that there is some big reason for all of this, and that it is some sort of supernatural force that is responsible for it. Locke is borderline fanatic, and I hope that he does not cross that line, as it could very well destroy the character that they’ve built up so well. I hope that he doesn’t turn out to be a villainous character.

Episode Two:
“Adrift” written by Steven Maeda & Leonard Dick

Speculation: Adrift will probably feature the survivors still afloat on the remains of the raft: Michael, Jin and Sawyer. Their adventure at sea ended in disaster, and the aftermath, I have a feeling, will be shocking for these characters, as where they end up isn’t where they are going to try to get to. I think they’re going to ain for returning to the island, but come in on the other side and run into more survivors.

Episode Three:
“Orientation” written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Craig Wright

Speculation: In the aftermath of the bouts between Jack and Locke, the people of the island will begin to separate..orienting themselves with the views of either Jack or Locke. This split is a very dangerous thing for the people there, as it causes definite division in the ranks and clique mentality. The only resolution that I can think of, would be if something big happened that required them all to work together, and also required the use of all the skills that they have, including the doctor and the hunter…Jack and Locke.

Well, there you have it..my theories based on the first three episode titles. I took the safer route by just talking about the essenses of the story and staying away from as many specific plot points as I could. We’ll see what holds up, though, when the show comes back.

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