Release Dates and Characters for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS

Super Smash Bros. Wii UI’m a big fan of the Super Smash Bros. series of games, having started out with the Nintendo 64 version of the game. This year, for the first time ever, they’re bringing Smash Bros. to mobile, with a release on the Nintendo 3DS in addition to the Wii U version.

And from the looks of things, this could be the best edition yet. They’re releasing the same game onto both of their platforms, within the same year. There will be differences in graphics, with the Wii U one obviously being next generation graphics. Both will also feature online play, but not cross console (probably because of some technical limitations in allowing that).

The one thing that I’ll miss from the Wii version of the game is the Subspace Emissary. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a huge game that you played through to unlock many of the characters in the game. I had a great time playing it, and will miss it this time around.

When can we get the game?

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was released on November 21, 2014. – Order the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Bundle
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS was released on October 3, 2014.

I’ll update with exact release dates when I know them. Feel free to bookmark this entry and check back.

What characters are in the new Super Smash Bros. games?

Zero Suit Samus

We’ll start with the veterans:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Kirby
  • Fox
  • Pikachu
  • Bowser
  • Pit
  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong
  • Link
  • ZeldaZelda
  • Samus
  • Sonic
  • Toon Link
    Toon Link
  • Peach
  • Pikmin & Olimar
    Pikmin & Olimar
  • King Dedede
    King Dedede
  • Diddy Kong
    Diddy Kong
  • Lucario
  • Marth
  • Sheik
  • Yoshi
  • Charizard*
  • Ike
  • Captain Falcon
    Captain Falcon
  • Meta Knight
    Meta Knight
  • R.O.B.
  • Mr. Game & Watch
  • Jigglypuff
  • Falco
  • Dr. Mario – Returns from Melee!
  • Wario
  • Ganondorf
  • Ness
  • Mewtwo – Returns from Melee!**
  • Lucas
  • Roy – Returns from Melee!
  • Zero Suit Samus
    Zero Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus attacks in Super Smash Bros.

*Charizard was one of three Pokemon that you could use when you chose Pokemon Trainer in Brawl. Now Charizard is a separate character.
**Mewtwo was a free download in the Spring of 2015 for people that purchased both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game!

Rosalina & LumaNewcomers to the fray are:

  • Mega Man
    Mega Man
  • Wii Fit Trainer(s)*
    Wii Fit Trainer
  • Villager
  • Rosalina & Luma
    Rosalina & Luma
  • Little Mac
    Little Mac
  • Greninja
  • Mii Fighters
  • PalutenaPalutena
  • Pac-Man
  • Lucina
  • Robin **
  • Shulk
  • Dark Pit
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Duck Hunt
  • Ryu
  • Cloud
  • Corrin
  • Bayonetta

*You can opt for the male or female Wii Fit Trainer. No word on if they’re actually any different.
**Like Wii Fit Trainer, Robin is available as both a male and a female version of the character. This is for the same reason that there are male and female versions of the Wii Fit Trainer, because you pick which avatar you’d like to use at the start of the game. In this case, it was the character you picked when you started Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Missing in action are:

  • Ice Climbers (Melee and Brawl)
  • Pichu (Melee)
  • Pokemon Trainer (Brawl)
  • Snake (Brawl)
  • Wolf (Brawl)
  • Young Link (Melee)

Could any of these characters be downloadable content for Smash Bros.? Anything is possible. But for now, they’ve been cut from the line-up.

Zero Suit Samus vs Samus

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