Saturday in Dublin

Saturday, after leaving the hotel, we made our way to Dublin, where we spent a few hours exploring the city, and checking out the prices at local restaurants. The prices weren’t actually too bad at many of the places. We stopped looking around when I was so hungry that I could walk no further. So we went to this little place called “La Pizza.” Great choice for our first meal in Ireland, eh? But we more than made up for it for our next meal, which I will write about in my next entry.

We then went to the spire in the middle of the town after getting ahold of our friend Rachel, who was going to meet us there. She took us around to many places included a mall, through Temple Bar (where people were playing music in the street) and to a park where we saw green green grass and all sorts of green vegetation.. awesome. It was so nice to see the green plants everywhere, after leaving the white fields of Michigan.

After that, we left by train for Maynooth, where Rachel goes to college. More later.

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